Buses of the Westcountry (v2.6 - patches update). UK themed left-path map

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  • About the Map:
    This is a fictional map - the theme is the South Devon area of England, in the current year. There is one route - 35, which goes between the bohemian town of Totnes and the seaside town of Paignton. The 35 crosses the countryside between the two towns and serves villages en route. It features challenging old town alleyways, fast rural stretches and busy A roads.

    Map is complete. The current version is v2.6 (Jan 2016). The changelog from v2.5 is as follows:

    • Copied over my up-to-date 'iomex Flora' package, with compressed Trees_MC textures
    · All Trees_MC flora has been replaced with iomex Flora optimized assets
    · Shrubbery objects now have a higher priority (No performance impact is expected due to up to 75% reduction in overall flora file sizes)
    • Reduction of traffic density in the Paignton Zoo area from 'Very High' to 'Extremely Low'
    • Removed the ability for traffic to endlessly circle roundabouts at Totnes School and Whitehill
    • The island at the Whitehill roundabout has been tweaked a little
    • Whitehill roundabout has had unnecessary splines removed to aid performance
    • Reduction of ped density at the double zebra crossing near Totnes School
    • De-prioritization of pedestrians crossing the main road when coming out of the road from the train station, added 'no unscheduled traffic' rule, too
    • Removed some unnecessary splines from Totnes train station, prioritized vehicular traffic, prohibition of cars coming through the station
    • Adjusted some route helpers, added lag spike warning on approach to Zoo
    • Removal of the infamous 'Victorian Terraced' asset from the map to deal with missing tiles
    • Removal of static vehicles from Paignton Depot to remove the requirement for Bowdenham v4 installation



    It is vitally important that you read and understand the documents contained in the download - failure to acquire the listed assets will result in terminal errors.

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  • Wow, this map really looks great!
    Especially the new road textures and that you also created road signs. Only the building on the left of the fifth photo looks a bit cut of, if you know what I mean. Maybe it's just because of the texture.


    A forum member messaged me the other day about this map. I told him that I lost the map and all its backups - but I had a dig around and managed to find a fairly recent backup copy. So I've picked it back up again, and just wanted to show a few more pictures:

    These pictures are of a small part of Totnes and the route outbound toward Paignton. There is still a little tweaking to do before I am completely happy with Totnes, but it is pretty much done.

    There is a lot of work to be done on this map, a lot more than I anticipated when I first created the thread. I've rebuilt a few sections of the map already - but the 5-mile long road between Totnes and Paignton needs to be completely redone as I am not at all happy with it.

    As well as this, I need to build the scenery in Paignton, which is twice the size of Totnes (currently), so will take a while to complete.

    I also need to finish tidying up the objects and splines I have used - night textures, winter textures, proper naming, etc. In the meantime I will continue posting updates as I am quite keen to get at least one leg of this map complete.

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  • Did you make those splines? Firstly Thank you! i was thinking when will someone be kind and make some authentic UK roads, this looks ace man. I wish you all the best with modelling!

    Can we use those roads for our own maps once released? I'm based in the UK too.

  • I didn't make these - I just reskinned MR/Simplestreets splines and crossings. The road surface markings, however, are mine. I reskinned the splines and crossings to be blank - all the surface markings are added on later. This way they are correctly placed and allows for nonstandard layouts (and just looks better).

    When OMSI 2 comes along, I'll upload the surface markings because I'll be able to have them alpha mapped - at the moment they have tarmac backgrounds. With alpha maps, I can upload the surface markings which will be compatible with any crossing or spline.

    I can upload what I've done with the current splines and crossings only with permission of the original authors.

    The road signs I made by reskinning Nemulous' road sign pack. The direction signs come from the Busdrivers Objekte pack which I've reskinned. I don't have any modeling capability at all, but I'm fine with coding and Photoshop.

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  • Ah i see, well it looks superb mate, even more incentive to make more buses.

    EDIT: I do hope this project is still going forward, hopefully the next patch will open the doors even more to creators

  • Hi, I have noticed your edited post on the Westcountry 1997 thread. It's still here on my computer - I temporarily stopped building the map close to the release of OMSI 2, as I was expecting it to demand reworking of the route. OMSI 2 still doesn't work properly, and there are still significant compatibility issues, until such time that it becomes stable enough, there's not much I can do right now. I *could* continue building the map in OMSI 1, but then there would be particular features that would be missing from the map and would require reworking later.

    Basically the problem is that OMSI 2 doesn't like the objects I've used in this map and it just spams error messages and crashes.

    Although perhaps as I've just received the 2.1 patch, I could investigate this week to see if the problem remains.

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  • Hi yes, I'm following this thread as this map looks superb, i too am having issues with OMSI 2, large maps seem to fail and custom objects cause problems here too so ive given up with OMSI all together.

    Good luck though mate


    As this thread is getting a bit stale, here are some new pictures of work I have been doing recently.

    This is a reworked section of Totnes High Street, to bring it up to the standards seen elsewhere on the map. I've utilized a better variety of objects and refined my map editing. Also, I have introduced a UK-style pelican crossing.

    At the top of the old area of Totnes, some small alterations.

    Totnes Hill has been reworked to bring it up to standard

    New content: This is a representation of Tweenaway Cross in Paignton. It is where the road from Totnes crosses the Torbay Ring Road, and where the suburbs of Paignton begin. This is a 'landmark' junction, with great emphasis on attention to detail. It is a completely bespoke junction, which took several hours to build. Just out of shot is the area I am currently working on - the entrance to Paignton Zoo.

    Also, I have decided on a final name. 'Buses of the Westcountry' shall be the name for this project - which will infact contain three maps, as I have teamed up with another player. This part of the project has been split in two - the region past Newton Abbot toward Exeter shall not be represented. Exeter shall feature in it's own map. This should help with lag and loading times especially.

    The forum seems to be misbehaving recently - I'm not sure how this thread ended up in the German section, but the English sections cannot be posted to, so I can't move the thread there. Apologies to German readers.

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  • Im in eastern europe and the wifi is like ancient speed. So getting to the forums is a taxing task.

    Looks superb, i'm almost given up on OMSI, the content seems to of diminished and every new map has one route. So this is worth the wait,
    currently does it work in OMSI 2 or just OMSI 1? Sorry to be a stickler but does any routes run through the night?


  • Because of the amount of terraforming required - I am building this in OMSI 2. The previous editor was too slow for making terrain and the results were less than desirable. Unfortunately, maps are not backward compatible, so this will only work in OMSI 2.

    I plan on having 2 main routes, with a few smaller routes (Park & Ride, etc). The Exeter portion of the project may be built in OMSI 1, as Exeter is a fairly flat city. And yes, there will be night time operations.

    I'm glad you're keen on following this thread, thanks

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  • Keen indeed, Bowdenham was and is still very UK in it's road layout and Canterbury so a new unique British map, man i'm all for it! After all i live in London so the road layout is pretty much the same. And gives me some incentive to make UK buses


    As there isn't many british maps unfortunately, they spend more time bickering than doing what you're doing.

    Also i was trying to make a map too but OMSI 2 editor is a minefield, all i know is how to create a route lol

    Keep up the good work!

  • Hi, I recently downloaded this map and loaded up maptools.exe and it returned the following:
    Scenery Objects:

    I also noticed that one of the files in the dependancies has been deleted therefore I cannot download it! Hope you can help what I have seen from the map it looks great!

  • Asset authors who don't allow you to bundle their objects in your map and then remove/alter their stuff need a slap but that's another rant entirely. The British stuff you can get here:


    Objects_SN I'm not too sure about, those Zaun objects are pretty ubiquitous so I'm not sure why they would be unavailable anymore. In theory you should be able to get them from here: Zäune für den Omsi (Fences) - Reloaded V1.0

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  • Thanks. I have another issue everything is installed but at the zoo, at mini roundabouts and in Paignton Bus Station the road markings are there but there is no road surface it is just grass. Is there a fix to this?