Options error??

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  • Did you recently installed the Ikarus 260? It comes with a file inside Ikarus 260\Scripts\dveře.osc (with this accent). Filenames with non latin characters may lead to this error you are experiencing, and actually it happened to me too. If you are using the Ikarus I mentioned before, go to its script folder and delete this file. If you don't have it, probably you have another addon with a special character that is causing this issue.

  • i got that the other day, happened after i downloaded the volvo bus, didnt like it so i deleted it, but after that omsi's settings wee all screwed up.

    so i did a fresh install of omsi,

    i'd had the ikky 260 for a while with no probs... but i downloaded the german fix for it before i loaded it into omsi, maybe something was removed by mistake when i got rid of the volvo bus.

  • Hello,

    i have a small problem. I had omsi installed for a long period without any errors. Now i had to re-install the game because there went something wrong in an download map. But now sometime's the game gets to freeze and gets a bit blurred or how you say it..and than it continues again.

    does anyone know what cause this problem. the game is in admin mode and the problem came after a re-install and mostly in bizzy area's. i have lowerd the graphics but still keep on getting blurry time to time. The Mb's are standing at example 225.3 MB, he gets blurry and falls back to 132 MB and than raises up to 225.3 MB. sorry for bad english

    thanks in advance

  • Search for dveře.osc and remove it!!! I have been having that same error as well but trace it back to that script file. News to future developers only use approve characters when naming files.

    Edit: What Thiago says!

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