(work in progres) GAZ 0330 (old timer bus)

  • The engine covers:
    I have added the effect of gravitation, inertia and centripetal force to the 2 engine covers of the bus, and enabled them to be "pushed" by the other engine cover.

    Author of CMB Leyland Fleetline 30ft & 33ft -- V2.0 released!

  • I love this bus then she was old :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
    PS:Sorry for my bad english

    Ich übernehme keine Haftung für Schreibfehler!!!
    Der Rechtsweg ist wie immer ausgeschlossen!!!

  • Hi, it's me again

    I added the "automated" gear shifting function of the non-synchronized manual gearbox to the bus. Originally I planned to make this function for AI buses only, but later I realized that many people may have problem in doing the "rev matching" during gear shifts, so I enabled this function on player bus also.

    During shifting, the throttle, gear lever and clutch are solely controlled by scripts, so that the player don't have to do the shifting, and to match the engine speed with vehicle speed (letting engine rev dies down during upshifts, revving up the engine during downshifts), which requires lots of skills, high level of coordination, and is sometimes difficult to do so, especially when going up hill. In other words, you only need to control the clutch when stopping and starting, so as to prevent engine stall.

    As shown in the video, the shifting would take place when the speed of the bus reaches values defined in a constant file. However, downshifts from 3rd to 2nd gear, and from 2nd to 1st gear, will only be triggered when throttle is depressed, suggesting that the bus is going up a steep hill and is lack of power. Therefore, when braking on a flat road, 3rd gear would be engaged even when the bus comes to a halt. When pulling away from a junction, it would automatically shifts down to 2nd gear to produce better acceleration.

    And the gearbox sometimes do some improper upshifts when going up hill, resulting in "gear hunting", and great loss in speed. To avoid it, switch off the battery of the bus to disable the automated gear shifting function temporarily.

    Author of CMB Leyland Fleetline 30ft & 33ft -- V2.0 released!

  • The video shows the auxiliary fuel tank ("kanistra") refuelling function Laimis asked me to do a month ago. Finally it is done!
    To start refuelling, click the kanistra at the back of the bus to bring it to the front. The emergency exit is pushed open at the same time.

    Then click the second time--when the main fuel tank is not full, or when the kanistra is not empty, this click will rise the kanistra up and pour the fuel into the main fuel tank of the bus, which is located above the engine. Otherwise, this click will put the kanistra to the back of the bus, and close the emergency exit.

    When pouring the fuel, it is possible to pause the process by clicking the kanistra, and resume by clicking it again, given that the main fuel tank is not full, or when the kanistra is not empty.

    When the main fuel tank is full, or when the kanistra is empty, the refuelling will stop, and the kanistra will return to the side of the engine. A click will bring it to the back of the bus and close the emergency exit.

    Author of CMB Leyland Fleetline 30ft & 33ft -- V2.0 released!

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    you can to change to Playboy ;)
    realise will be soon (in 2 - 3 weeks)
    or you don't want?

    Thanks to FF3170-LA6 for all scripts, well done

  • This Bus its very great, make you 2 versions? for omsi 1 and 2 ? or a beta? :)


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  • Sry for my bad english!

    If I understand it the release will be very soon. You don´t have to wate much longer. ;)

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