MAN Lion's Coach

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  • Nice Work, this will expand the horizon of bus-experience a bit more in Omsi.
    Releaseanfrage entfernt. Einfach das nehmen, was fertig ist und glücklich sein.



  • Great news. OMSI really lacks European coaches in high quality, currently the only one is the Volvo 9900 and the Caetano Levante.

    Don't forget LnD's Setra S313, S317 and S319 UL. Also high quality European coaches / intercity busses, but not exactly the newest models.
    The 9900 is nice, but it can't quite keep up with the quality of the Lion's Coach. Also, I've never actually seen one of these here in Germany.
    I have never heard of the Caetano, but from what I can see it's right hand drive only, which makes it useless for pretty much any map.

    That's why I'm so hyped for the Lion's Coach, as it's finally a NEW coach. And one you actually see on the roads every day.

    Again, great job Helvete, thank you so much for this bus.
    Tobi aka The Stig's German Cousin

  • I would say, that the Setra S 313/17/17 UL are Intercity/Interurban Busses. UL means "Überlandbus".

    The Setra GT-HD, HD and HDH are coaches.

    Was geht?

    Alle die den Bus verpassen!