[In Progress] Project Enschede (Netherlands)

  • Type of project: A real map with a bus modification.
    Name of project: Enschede
    Participating users: Xyocify

    Help needed: Not really needed, but if someone wants to help create objects, this will be appreciated!

    Current status of the project: Release date V1.0 unknown!

    • (Working 15%) Line 20. From Enschede to Borculo and back. 31.2 KM long and will take 40 minutes to drive.
    • (Short hold 5%) Bus model. The busses used in Enschede: Citea CLF 120.

    Enschede is a city in the east of the Netherlands. Take 158.000 people with you through Enschede and back!

    And not only Enschede! There are many other villages and cities to discover. Drive around the map and bring the passengers with you or just drive on your own.
    Drive your passengers around over several lines. There are 14 lines in Enschede. 6 lines are city lines and don't go outside Enschede. 8 Lines are region lines. Which lines specifically will be made is not sure.

    Take your passengers in the most prominent busses of Enschede! In the Citea CLF 120 you can take up to 80 passengers with you and drive them around the city.
    Drive with the famous Citea CLF 12 busses in Enschede of the concessions Arriva and Syntus!