Aerial imagery

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    I'll raise the stakes on this question:
    What URL/whatever do I have to put under [Editor_LinkAerial] in options.cfg in order for the M.E. to recognise it and download the imagery? I've tried three different Google Maps links known publically enough, although there is another website that I know I would like to use if possible. The region is Southern Masovia in Poland, if it helps.

  • In the German branch of a forum I found the following links:…&y=~y&z=~z&service=google for google for Bing

    To make this function work, you need to create a folder "aerials" in MAPS folder of OMSI. In folder "aerials" you need to create a folder with name @folder name of the map for which you want to download aerials@. For еxample: OMSI2/maps/aerials/Grundorf

    It's works fine with Bing for me. But with Google I have some problems. First, jpeg-fehler#53 error if i want to download with a resolution different from 256px. But it is not critical. Second problem, that all images are shiftted to south-east relative to the relief (SRTM) and Bing images. With Bing Aerial i don't have such problems. But for this time Bing have too bad imagery of my city (Volgograd).
    Sorry for bad English.

  • Yeah, my script currently only supports the 256px resolution for google. Not sure if the other resolutions would work in connection with google.
    I also don't know why the google images are offset. Might have to do with the conversion i'm currently using.

    Also another Service working is OpenStreetmap:


    Also if you know of other services i'll gladly take a look at them and if necessary include them in my script.

  • Also if you know of other services i'll gladly take a look at them and if necessary include them in my script.

    Maybe YandexMaps. They have their own aerials, but mainly the CIS.

  • Hello for all,i have writed in options.cfg links for areial'00.4%22N+49%C2%B049'52.8%22E/@40.3672733,49.8307711,16.25z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d40.36679!4d49.831332
    so i created "areials" folder in maps folder,created folder of my map.And function doesn't work.Please somebody help me