[OMSI2] Patch news from the development

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  • Hello,

    in this thread, we'd like to share some information on our current operations for the upcoming patch. It seems that our communication over the last weeks has led to some obscurity and inconvenience among several users, so we'd like to reach out our hands to involve you once again in our development.

    This thread will be complemented and updated regularly. Furthermore, the bugfixes included in the next patch are listed here.

    New entries written in blue. Last update: 2014/02/20

    Problems we are currently working on:

    Finished solutions, probably ready to be included in the next patch:


    Included in Patch 2.00.024:

    * Bugfix: Soundbug: On some systems, many sounds were missing while playing with multithreading
    * Bugfix: "Bereichsfehler" while selling tickets
    * Bugfix: Corrected "Group drivings" of AI buses and problems with tour changes on far termini
    * Bugfix: E/A-Error while configurating keyboard or game controller
    * Bugfix: Perhaps we have fixed the problem while graphics are frozen but simulation is still running
    * Bugfix: Bus continues driving while OMSI is showing the "low framerate dialog"
    * Bugfix: Depot file entries Freud/Falk
    * Bugfix: Side plate corrected for 92 before Sept.'90 (back then without Falkensee)
    * Bugfix: Correction of graphic errors on start dialog on older Windows versions
    * Bugfix: NOW, the lines on the depot should not flicker anymore!


    * Multi language descriptions/versions for the following file types: *.bus/*.ovh, global.cfg, chrono.cfg, holidays.txt, *.osn, *.owt and Splashscreens
    * Echo will be deactivated, if there were erros while setting it up
    * New general log file entries
    * New log file entries for "Error: Fahrzeug mit Ident 5331 hat mit ungültiger Pathpos versucht eine Belegung zu erzeugen!"

    Included in Patch 2.00.016:

    * Status Bar while loading
    * Smoother simulation process with processors with only one or two cores
    * Bug fix: File transit.zug again like in OMSI 1 (Compatibility old OMSI1 cards)
    * Bug fix: Fixed occasional bus stop passings
    * Bug fix: Hit and run warning reincluded
    * Bug fix: [ Vienna addon ] trams do not blink at bus stops
    * Bug fix: [ Vienna addon ] trams blink again in curves
    * Bug fix: AI Buses see AI trams and AI bus trailers again
    * Bug fix: AI articulated trailer is no longer floating
    * Bug fix: Gratuitous Invalid schedule data messages removed
    * Bug fix: Invalid "Ungültige Fahrplandaten" messages in logfile removed
    * Bug fix: Fixed a polygon bug in the swimming pool object
    * Bug fix: NG and NL show N30 correctly, not N930 anymore
    * Bug fix: Removed invisible wall in Falkensee
    * Bug fix: Reset hot key table without missing keys
    * Bug fix (Editor): New tiles adding possible without errors
    * Bug fix (Editor): Contains template map for creating your own maps again
    * Logfile includes date and time of the situation and OMSI version number ( for debugging )
    * AI buses cannot "materialize" near the user bus; so some strange situations with this effect should not occur anymore
    * The schedule print will show now the arriving time of the last bus stop, not the departure time
    * Bug fix: Lines on depot do not flicker anymore
    * Bug fix: Distant tiles do not "flash" anymore
    * Bug fix: Situation load: Trailer will be placed properly
    * Bug fix: Passenger and pedastrian animation smooth again
    * Bug fix: Windows zoom will not lead to problems with start dialogue
    * Bug fix: At night, objects are correctly lighted
    * Bug fix: No hovering pedastrians anymore
    * Bug fix: "N34" instead of "34N" since 1991
    * Bug fix: "Glienicke" on N34 even since 1994
    * Bug fix: 92 schedule is selectable even since 30.9.1990
    * Bug fix: Bus stop Rathaus, line 5 direction Ruhleben has entering passengers again
    * Bug fix: Error on user interface (options dialogue) removed
    * Bug fix: In case of no internet connection, OMSI will start faster
    * Bug fix: No old line numbers on service trips after 1991 anymore
    * Bug fix: Removed third rail ramp from station hall Ruhleben
    * Bug fix: Added missing open wire pole
    * Bug fix: Even at lowest options, the stations in the area Spektefeld will show again
    * Bug fix (Editor): Dummy schedule is not neccessary anymore

    For debugging the following errors, we add some new logfile entries. If OMSI shows one of these errors
    again, please send us the logfile.txt to bugs@omnibussimulator.de!

    * "E/A-Fehler" while configurating keyboard or game controller
    * Crash while ticket bought ("Bereichsfehler")

    Despite their low priority, we also fix minor bugs at this time because it can simply be done by the way. Furthermore, in the face of major bugfixes, it is often essential to clear up the smaller constraints first to avoid stability issues due to fiddling around with minor stuff after a major bug has already been fixed.

  • Dear friends,

    today I have some leaked good news from the development for you. As always, we are working on the next big patch. The following fixes are in progress or already done:

    Large chunks:
    The vehicle managing system has been changed completely.
    The mesh and submesh system has been revised completely.
    The aim of these complexs resworks is a secured processing in order to avoid tons of unidentified exceptions ("Bereichsfehler") and freezes of the game., jedoch sollte die Zahl der unerklärlichen Bereichsfehler und Freezes erheblich zurückgegangen sein.

    Smaller chunks:
    Every addon will have the opportunity to use its own .ini file which can not be deleted by steam.
    Problems with the UI due to changed Windows zoom are solved.
    A logfile entry "Creation of AI vehicle" (including line, tour, tour entry, file name, ID) has been added
    Many of different logfile entries concerning functions and procedures in the game have been added to find bugs
    The passengers in the 3rd tutorial are back!
    Switches are enabled again
    Terrain shadows are back
    Many other little bugfixes have been done

    In addition, many hard-to-find "Bereichsfehler" and access errors are investigated at the moment.


    Best regards and have a good trip

  • Dear fans,

    I have some new pre-patch news for you. Like already mentioned in the German part of the forum, we plan to release the new beta to our testers during this week. Has the version passed the beta test, you will get it asap.

    - AI articulated busses will not longer be 'eaten' from vehicles behind them
    - pedestrians no longer cause traffic jam
    - many AI traffic issues have been solved
    - many exceptions "Bereichsfehler" have been reproduced and solved

    - performance (FPS) and map loading have been improved significantly
    - some inter-thread-collisions caused freezes and errors, have been found and removed

    On the whole we put a lot of work in improving the performance as such and locating errors that caused the game to collapse.

    Best regards again

  • Dear fans,

    some of the features and corrections of OMSI patch 2.2 have been released today. I want to inform you about planned upcoming corrections with the full patch OMSI 2.2, which we are currently analysing together with our beta testers:

    • long-burning issue CV.Calculate
    • Freezes on Loading AI
    • DirectX 9 Outofmemory
    • Steam's continuous overwriting or deleting of addon files
    • Suddenly spawn of AI articualted buses just infront of you
    • Recognizing of own bus trailer by AI traffic
    • Missing driver figure in AI busses
    • Sinking of AI trailers into the ground
    • ...and much more.

    Of course we are going to inform you about release note and release date. Scheduled release is 1st quarter 2015.

    Best regards
    Janine & Marcel

  • Dear fans,

    time has come to inform you about our current Beta test.

    • Successfully solved bugs

      • Many reasons for CV.Calculate found and solved
      • We made the source code more thread-safe in order to enhance the multi-threading behaviour of OMSI.
      • Errors in METAR reports (live weather) will now be intercepted in order to solve the P.TL: 9 error
      • Freeze when opening the options dialog solved
      • Freeze or crash after collision solved ("SoundSort Fail: Invalid distance calculation")
      • Error "CMO.StationManCalculate" solved
      • Error "Tourentry von arrList mit Index #" solved
      • Some more, smaller bugs and inconsistencies solved

    • New features

      • Quicksaving causes an information at the screen
      • New hot keys delivered with patches will now be added in your key settings automatically.
      • New option to activate error message boxes added. As default the message boxes will not be shown, but of course written down to the logfile.

    We are looking forward to release of 2.2 and put a lot of work into its success. Of course we are working on all of our aims for 2.2. We are not done - this is only our current state.

    Best regards
    Marcel & Janine

  • Good morning!

    Please note: The bug we implemented with patch 2.2, that prevents OMSI from loading any map on XP-PCs, is under daily investigation.
    As soon as we fix it, you will get your patch as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience and ask for your patience.

    With kind regards

    Edit 5:57 P.M.: We solved the bug. It has been released to the Beta-testers.
    Edit 20.3.15: We currently wait for a bug fix by Aerosoft. As long as they do not finish, we can not release our fix for XP.

  • Dear fans,

    obviously we are experiencing a delay on the part of Aerosoft. The update has not been activated today in the morning, as planned.


    Update 27th March, 9 A.M.: Patch has been activated.

  • Good morning!

    Within the next 1-2 days (Wednesday/Thursday!) we are going to release a small patch.
    We recommend to backup the most important files.

    Addon developers, please note: This patch fixes the defective calculation of special vehicle frequency (fire department, transporters, ...). So far the special vehicles have been started with a clearly lower density than set up. This bug has been fixed - the vehicles would now be placed with their real (set up) density. We corrected the value on Spandau, but unfortunately every addon developer has to fix it on his map as well!

    Best regards

  • The map configuration change can be done as follows:

    Please apologize these troubles.

  • Good evening


    Today we upload a beta release candidate. If our beta testers do not complain about something, we will release it within a few days.
    We recommend to backup the most important files.

    Upcoming changes are (incomplete list):
    - An additional version of MAN NG272 and MAN NL202, with Euro compatible cash desks
    - Bug fix: One cause for sinking trailers has been solved
    - Bug fix: One cause for CV.Calculate has been solved

    Best regards

  • Hello!


    We plan to release a new patch at the middle of next week. Exact release date and backup recommendation will be published on time.

    Best regards

  • Good evening


    We intend to release the new patch on Thursday morning.
    We recommend to backup the most important files.

    Upcoming changes are:
    - Defective spawn of scheduled AI cars corrected
    - Entrypoint listing of wrong maps as well as range errors at OMSI 1 maps corrected - this change also concerns Neuendorf!
    - AI bus 'landing' improved
    - One possible reason for defective Steam addon activation fixed

    Best regards

  • Hey fans!


    Today I've got great news for you!
    Patch 2.3 is being developed and betatested - and it will provide a splendid new feature...


    Further information will be given in our forum, as always.


    Best regards and a great week for you!

    P.S.: We already repaired the "Real Weather" feature.