[OMSI2] Map-Editor - Tips and tricks for real(istic) map-construction

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  • OMSI 2 has a new great feature: the height-import for real maps!
    But ... how to use this new feature?

    • Find out the coordinates of your start position. Important: The coordinates have to look like xx.xxxxx! For example, I take a coordinate from Vienna.

      1. Latitude: 48.23333 (N [North of the equator]) Longitude: 16.41413 (E [East of the Greenwich-Meridian])
    • Just look at the coordinates before the comma, in my example N48E016. That's important, because you need the "N48E016.hgt.zip" (example) from the NASA for the DEM Import. Because of Vienna is situated in Europe, you will find it in Eurasia\. Practice that whit your coordinates as I do.
    • After download of the .zip, open it and extract the .hgt to "...\OMSI 2\DEMImport\SRTM\Data\".
    • Now open the OMSI 2 Editor and open the DEM Import-window (Map > Convert to World Coordinates). Then enter your coordinates and press "Start Conversation!". If all runs good, you only will get errors, that are not necessary for the map. (E.g. "Picture.jpg is missing!)
    • Restart the editor and open the map in the new folder.
    • Switch to the Tile-tab an adjust "SRTM\Import.dll" in the DEM-System-box. Then press "Run curr. Tile". If you can't see the tile any more, it will shifted to the top. You have to repeat that whit all tiles, which should have real terrain.