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  • This addon looks amazing! I can't wait to drive the C2.


    However, I wanted to ask will we be able to pre-order it before it comes out or will you guys just release it?

  • Are you planning to release an solo variant of the C2 in the future or in the add-on?

    Greetings from Holland!

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  • Will any of the buses have cameras (i.e. a screen in the cab where the driver can view the bus/doors)? Thanks.


    The C2 has surveillance cameras installed, but they cannot be seen by the driver, just by the company's control station or garage. There is a switch on the window console that stores the last and next 15 minutes of the video material in case of "interesting" events.

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  • Hi Darius, O405GN of 1999 with innovative cockpit, also will mount zf gearbox? And if you can, sometimes could you upload a video of test drive of Citaro C2?

    Thanks, Matt

  • Sorry if this is a private question but what FPS are you getting with this addon in the upcoming OMSI 2?

    Reason i ask is i'm really keen to know like most of us is OMSI 2 solid high FPS or reasonably high in built up areas

  • Matt, all buses have ZF transmissions. The 99 model has a 4-speed.
    I am sure the users will make thousands of videos after release


    J, the FPS depend on the map and the computer I use. The buses don't need more performance than other articulated buses in OMSI2.

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  • Thanks, but will you upload other images on addon's website Drei Anytime, are you currently testing the bus or are you still editing the buses?

    Thanks again, matt

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    Here's something that's been bugging me as somebody from Poland - since in Hamburg one can board through any door (at least on the standard services as far as I remember, I don't know about the Schnellbusse because I never used them:D), have any modifications been applied to OMSI itself in order to allow that? (read as: have m+r worked on passengers recognizing the trailer as well?)

    I'm quite looking forward to testing the buses in OMSI myself now - maybe not on Hamburg, but my own map should suffice me:) I've been hearing opinions on the Polish forum that this might be the best official add-on so far, and I wouldn't be shocked, in all fairness;)

  • The buses are configured for all-door entry, but OMSI2 will not always let passengers do that. In the current engine version they only use the 3rd door when then rear car reaches the bus stop first.

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  • Are you planning to talk with M&R about the boarding? Because as TranslatorPS said not only in Hamburg people can board by any door but also in Poland.