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  • Are you planning to release an solo variant of the C2 in the future or in the add-on?

    Just to add to this question: Are solo variants for the 1999 and the 2012 buses going to be released with this add-on or separately in another add-on?

  • Just to add to this question: Are solo variants for the 1999 and the 2012 buses going to be released with this add-on or separately in another add-on?

    The addon is called Three Generations of Articulated Buses. So they certainly won't be is this addon. As for future addons i have no idea.

  • Hi Friends

    I just wanted to say my opinion. This Add-on will absolutely be top, seems very beatiful.
    But , i really surprised that it contains only Three Generations of non-licensed MB Buses despite of having licenced Trademark of MAN... No MAN Buses in an chronogical OMSI "Bus" Add-on


    We MAN lovers are waiting and hoping for a long time from OMSI Developers modern MAN Buses, and with OMSI-2 came two of the most popular models too.
    I know some of very talented modders (eg. Kamaz, O530Citaro) have made very beatiful and detailed models of LC, but this Buses needs Payware Add-on support and quality too.
    I would like to see also MAN Lion's Classic and Lion's City G buses in this Add-on too, or another Add-on which contains modern MAN Lion's Classic and Lion's City Buses from MR would be fantastic


    As i said at first, it is just my opinion, thanks for all good works and
    Best regards

  • If this was available before my summer courses start, I'd be so happy...but that's just a hope. It's up to the creators when the big day will be.

    Another question; maybe an obvious answer, but just in case: will there be English manuals for these? Just so that we can get the most out of this.

  • I have a question if I have the game from STEAM how I can add the city of Hamburg and the new buses?

    You can buy the box version, or the downloadable one. Then you install and register it, then there's a patch avaible for download that will make Hamburg Day & Night work with OMSI2.


  • The developer (Darius) previously said in the german section that he will post no more screenshots and information of the upcoming release, to keep a fair level of tension.

    That's where the lack of information comes from.

  • If you'd be really excited you could understand that it takes some time to finish a great product...
    Nevertheless, for me there is no bigger excitement as when I check the aerosoft page and it is released.

    Just wait a bit longer, every day it takes the addon will get better.

  • This is really great news!


    I hope this is the future of hamburg? It would be very nice to see some extra lines in Hamburg, this fantastic map but so more lines like the 5 would be an fantastic development for this map! Also too bad that always the Van Hool buses are forgotten. Van Hool's buses are commonly used in Hamburg (surely on line 5) but these are always forgotten, also for other city's. Van Hool's are fantastic buses and would surely be very nice to have them in OMSI 2. And to bad these are not included in this package. 1 new model, and 2 older now less used models, an Van Hool instead would be a great addition and a lot of fun

  • The thing about the Van Hool bus is that the bi-articulated buses are used on the line 5. OMSI, however, does not support bi-articulates buses yet. People have tried to do it with the NG272 and the Citaro G, but the second bellow does not behave properly. I'd hope that it can happen sometime soon though.