HOF Sync 1.0

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  • Description: This simple application will help you keeping all your HOF files included to all of your buses. Note that this application can be considered useful if you drive with more than one or two bus models. It mas made for my PERSONAL use, but I think it would be useful to some of you.

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    Beschreibung: Diese einfache Anwendung hilft Ihnen, Ihre HOF Dateien zu verwalten.Es war für meinen eigenen Gebrauch gemacht, aber vielleicht wird es für Sie nützlich sein.


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    Eee... Heuston, tenemos una problema*...

    The program copies the files into every single folder in the Vehicles directory - perhaps it'd be possible to make a folder selection window where one gets to choose which folder to copy the files into? That'd save time, processing and nerves - the cmd.exe windows opening and closing freaked me out at the first time.

    *) El es en español

  • Yes, that would be way better. But my ability with coding is very limited and my time is short at the moment, so this is the best I could learn in 2 hours. Since I made it for personal use, I made the way that it could be quicker to get the desired result. Maybe in the future I'll make more elegant and efficient at this point, but the main reason is my poor ability in programming. Even though the command windows doesn't bother me at all.
    Actually it does not copy into all folders into Vehicles. HOF files are not copied to the Anzeigen folder and the AI vehicles. Please let me know if you found these files into this folders, but it is working normally here.


  • Wow. Ich hab sowas schon ewig gesucht und jetzt ganz am Ende von "Sonstiges" gefunden. Hoffentlich gibt es noch Support.
    EN: Great thing, I always searched for it. Hopefully there is still support, as I've got a problem. I chose the two folders (C:\Program Files (x86)\m-r-software\omsi\Vehicles\ and C:\Program Files (x86)\m-r-software\omsi\Vehicles\MAN_SD202) and then I ran the program and it said "success". But it wasn't successful. Nothing happened at all. I even tried to run it as an admin or put all the .hof-files together and selected the folder or tried to synchronize only one bus, by copying it to somewhere else, but without success. Maybe it's just an easy to detect error on my side, but I haven't found it.

  • Am besten wenn Interesse besteht den Autor des Programmes eine PN schicken.