[UPDATED 05/07] O405GN2 (Drei Generationen): ZF sound + gearbox script

  • :D ahahah, yes I know, the engine sounds has bad equalization so they're missing some bass, this is fixed in the upcoming version.

  • I think your Sounds are very realistic and it don't feels like a sprinter...

    I was tree years long a sprinter driver and there has an completely other sound...

    Do not hear about unqualified comments about that....

    Your sounds are beautifully and don't worry about the missing bass.

    Best regards,


    PS: Sorry about my bad English ;)

    Aktuelle Blankwitz V2 jetzt testen! Näheres in meinem Profil. :)

  • Here's the update (see first post for download):

    -completely new achse sounds from real bus VHH 9905
    -reworked engine sound with better bass
    -typical exhaust noise from bus VHH 9905
    -more realistic gear-change sounds
    -better ZF Ecomat constfile values (longer gears)
    -typical external intake whistle from OM447hLa engine, this is a feature sound from O405N2 and GN2

    Enjoy ;) !

  • Hmmm, strange.... i will investigate

    Try this:
    open Sound\Sound_VHH99_T.cfg with Notepad and find:


    change it to:


  • I'm not so good in modding like you but I looked at the Sound_VHH99_T.cfg file...there was no entry for exhaust.wav sound that is in the folder "new"...if that has anything to do with it. Same goes for om447hla-ein1 (2 and 3).wav - and one of them is mp3...is that ok?

    I tried again with outside view...and at around 45km/h all you hear is those click you barely hear the engine.

  • I tried changing the cfg file....same sound again so it's not that.

    at 50-60km(h it goes away in the cabin but is very loud outside.

  • Hmmmm... can you try the same with this line?


    EDIT: wait wait... when you installed the update did you overwrite the old files?

  • God... I always drove the GN2 with my G27, now I tried with keyboard and there I get the annoying sound ???

  • Hmm...I get the sound only in full power but it goes away when I use kickdown...so maybe it has something to do with full normal power? Because if I used pedals I probably wouldn't use full power like with keyboard where it's only 0 or 100%.