Increased Capacity of "Three Generations" Buses

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  • Hello!

    Name of project: Increased Capacity of "Three Generations" Buses

    Type of project: Modification

    Participating users: My version (jpnmtrmn93) of added passengers. Thanks to Darius and his team for the amazing add-on!

    This is just a small modification that adds more passengers to all three buses.

    Passenger Counts
    1992: 60 -> 106
    1999: 56 -> 102
    2012: 52 -> 98 (wanted more than 100, but couldn't)

    Hey, I tried my best. I'll see if any more can be added since apparently there's supposed to be more than 100 passengers in each bus.

    Copyright: None. In fact, if you can find a place where another passenger can be added, tell me!

    Pictures: Just added people, not really a visual mod.

    Download here! ->

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    "Kommen heißt Gehen."

  • I am not sure what you mean, but the numbers I reported are the maximum capacity both seated and standees.

    Sorry, I phrased that badly. In most buses there is a sign listing the max number of seated passengers and standing passengers that can travel in the bus. It would be more realistic to have the number of standing places this sign lists.


  • Oh. Well, the thing is, the sign in the bus would always be wrong, at least in OMSI. For example the 2012 variant is supposed to hold 140 people, not just 98. But that's all I could fit. If you want the 140 number really badly, I'll have to compromise "personal space"...

  • Hello,



    98 peoples for the Citaro G C2? Metz in France, our G C2 we take 172 peoples.


    I think, is more good for the Citaro C2 solo, 98 peoples.


    Others vehicles, i think we can take more passengers.

  • I'm copying the paragraph I wrote at


    If anyone wants to know how I do this: I edited the Grundorf map by adding more standing people at the Bauernhof bus stop and increased the number of boarding passengers in the bus stop cube coding (or whatever it's called) to 150. Then I used the big man in the glasses for every passenger position, so I edited the humans.txt to only have the big man on the map. So the spacing between each standing passenger is based on how much room two big men would have standing next to each other or one behind the other. So, if you see any small gaps between people, it's on purpose. It's considering the possibility that two big people are placed near each other.

    So the reason why the number is so low is because I used the big people to test, just so that all of the passengers have room...unless you really want them like sardines in a can...There was only one time I can recall when I got close, and that was 127 in the Lion's City DD when in reality the max is 129.

  • Glad you enjoy the modification.

    I chose not to put people in the front because it'll block the driver's view (in case of a wide right turn, or when crossing an intersection with traffic from the right coming at an angle). Also, there's a ramp on the back for wheelchair passengers, so I left that open as well.

  • Hello,

    I don't know if you're still active, but if you are, could you do the same mod for all the solo-versions of three generations? That would be awesome!