[O407 Update!] Winsenburg Modern Style V4, "Alt wird Neu" | A modern repaint pack for Winsenburg | O407, Solaris, O530, C2

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  • I will be looking at that in the upcoming weeks. I'm a bit busy at the moment with school and other things, but if I have some time I will work at it. It will almost certainly come at some point

  • Hey bartjk!

    Your repaints are state of art. Brilliant quality!! The o407 is another example. My Winsenburg-map is running only with yours.


    Not to put you under pressure, but we 're all looking forward for your Mainz Lions City Edition in Winsenburg-style.



    Greetings to Holland


  • A little update on the lion's city repaints:
    I'm still struggling with them as the bus wasn't really made for repaints. The metrobus repaint will be for the GÜ version. Here you need to edit some stuff in the model file to make it look good. I'm thinking about including the edited model file with the download for easy use, together with a manual guide for people who do know how to edit it and want to do it their selfs. Still finishing the last details on the metrobus. Then I start with the normal Winsenburg repaint. I hope that I can finish it in my limited time within the following week, otherwise it will take some time before you can get your hands on it unfortunately. But I work as hard as I can!

  • Don´t stress yourself so much bartjk.


    Your work is wonderful.


    But maybe you´ll get in trouble if you edit the model file of the bus and pack it into the download folder. Maybe you ask O-405 (the "owner" of the Lions City) if this will be ok for him.



  • I love this map too and Bartjk you've done a fantastic job, i've already got these repaints running around on the map currently, so the Lions City will extend that fleet. I have yet to allocate the O407 to a route but in time.

    This is a really really good map, its almost a real city even though it's fictional.

  • Very nice work! The repaints look very great!

    Aber ich habe eine Frage: Ich war längere Zeit nicht mehr im Forum und habe scheinbar den Release des U12 LE Ü (hab ich mal kopiert) verpasst und kann den Download dafür nicht finden. Wo gibt es den denn?
    Tschuldigung für die blöde Frage...

  • Bei mir fehlen sehr viele Linien:

    Was soll ich tun? Das Update (post 11 (43mb)) hab ich mir auch schon runtergeladen, geht immernoch nicht.

  • hab jz die busse mit deren Repaints in die aktuelle liste eingefügt, jedoch zeigen manche solaris busse kein ziel an obwohl ja die richtige hoffile vorhanden ist denn bei den meisten klappt es ja

  • Hey ich finde die Repaints wirklich klasse nur bekomme ich es leider nicht gebacken die Ailist so hinzurichten, dass die KI Busse so rumfahren. Die mitgelieferten Ailisten funktionieren leider auch nicht. Wäre vielleicht jemand bereit seine Ailist zu schicken oder zu posten ? Wäre echt super. Egal welche Busse.
    Vielen Dank schon mal im Voraus.

  • Hello bartjk,

    A few posts over my post, you have shown us pictures from the Lions City Gü. Do you have planned to release These repaints?