How is OMSI, M&R and the forum doing?

The forum is in reduced operation. The Addon and Support forums remain open.
Please note that OMSI is no longer under development. Some of the developers are now working on a new simulator. Further information concerning the LOTUS-Simulator can be found here.
  • Dear forum community,

    this message has been created by Marcel and is only translated by me.

    "This message may wake some question marks and apprehensions. Therefore on thing in advance: Janine and me will not give any information via Mail or PM. Soon we will start another Q/A table, where you can ask your questions concerning my today's announcement.


    Rüdiger and me stop our collaboration and the MR-Software GbR will be disbanded. As the owner of our Websites I can not anymore offer the content in the name of our company, but in my name. For this reason our legal notice has been changed today.

    Since Rüdiger does not provide help or work to the forum anymore, I want to take this opportunity to thank him for many years as my best friend and for his high-quality work until the release of OMSI on the content of OMSI and OMSI-2. I regret the impossibility of a fair and balanced collaboration. All the best for Rüdiger and his future!

    Ingrained OMSI-fans know that we have always been reserved in concerns of predictions. So: If and how I continue my work on OMSI is still open. But I appreciate a guaranteed support and patching.


    2.2 will earliest be begun at 1st October 2014. This date is our deadline for Rüdiger to sign new contracts.


    My written lines reveal much frustration and anger. I can not leave any positive comment about Rüdiger since release of OMSI 2. I have been disappointed and feel hurt by his comments on my efforts and lifeblood given for this project. Overcoming such a vast defeat of morale and prudence, as I underwent towards him, costs time and nerves. Thus the finishment of discussions is elementary for my work on patch 2.2.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.


  • Hi again,

    Rüdiger finally took the opportunity to write a statement. We have been waiting for months to get it


    Use to read his statement:

  • Good morning, dear OMSI-fans!

    Since the questions become more frequent, I write the current state.

    How has Rüdiger expressed himself?
    Not at all. We did not hear or read about him or his agent until his statement and we did not get anything since that post. But he read our Q/A-table - maybe that is a sign for him being still interested.

    What is Marcel doing?
    Working. Further information will follow later on.

    What about the agreement and so with the patch?
    Since the opposing side does not do anything, we don't have an agreement - and you don't have a patch.

    Best regards, keep a stiff upper lip!
    Janine & Marcel

  • Dear fans,
    I have good news for you: