Mep ATC 3 - Beta 2 - Normal and LHD editions

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  • Type: Fictional Bus
    Name: Mep ATC 3
    Participating Users: Marcos Elias (MEP)

    This is a fictional bus inspired by Solaris and New Solaris design. But it is NOT Solaris, it is a complete new bus for OMSI 1 and 2. It has a nice animated turnstile with a passenger counter (you can see how many passengers have you transported). There is no ticket selling yet (I don't like driving and selling tickets; just driving). I am using default OMSI 1 matrix script so this bus can be used in OMSI 1 too (please use 1.06 or OMSI 2 instead).


    It comes in three versions:

    * Standard São Paulo/Brazil: 3 animated right doors + 2 static left doors (use in any map)
    * Standard Global: 3 right doors (use in any map)
    * LHD: 3 left doors, left hand drive (use in Chinese and any other LHD map)

    I plan to make 18 and 23m articulated versions soon, and a BRT version for my map Savoy.

    Copyright: You are free to use, download, share, create repaints, mods etc; You are NOT allowed to use parts of this bus in any other project.

    Credits: Models by Marcos Elias, Sounds by Morphi, Wipers by Fellype 3D. More details and credits about textures in credits.txt inside the bus directory.

    What is good: almost everything.
    What is bad: steering wheel is a temporary one; needs some mirror adjustments; needs complete animations for heavy rain (for normal rain it is ok!).


    LHD edition in action (this is an old dash! all the busses have new dash. shown in pictures above):

    Turnstile with passenger counter (this is old video, it is fixed now!):

    IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE BUMP SOUND (I will change it later), it's easy to remove. Just open in Notepad the file:
    Scroll until the end and remove all the lines starting with "MAIS BATE LATA" until the last [pnt]...35...1.
    I did this because here in Brazil we have so bad streets that all buses do more noise than the buses in OMSI normally do.

  • schöner bus sieht gut aus (und hört sich gut an mit denn setra s 215 ul Sounds



    jetzt müssen hier und da noch paar fein heiten fertig geh macht werden und alles ist top

  • der Bus sieht eingentlich sehr gut aus Bloss auf welcher Map soll er gut einsetzbar sein ? kann mir jemand einen Tipp geben?.

    Ich biete mich als Beta Tester von Bussen und Maps an. ich habe sehr viel Erfahrung im Bezug auf Busse da ich selbst Busfahrer bin...

  • Hallo,
    Zitat vom Ersteller:
    This is a fictional bus inspired by Solaris and New Solaris design.

  • der Bus sieht eingentlich sehr gut aus Bloss auf welcher Map soll er gut einsetzbar sein ? kann mir jemand einen Tipp geben?.

    Das sind zwei versionen. Einmal rechtslenker und einmal linkslenker

  • Sorry, I can't understand German (I tried using Google Translate)

    The bus with 5 doors is like the São Paulo buses, they have doors at both sides. Some bus lines uses right doors at normal streets, but when entering the exclusive bus track, the bus stops are on the left side. Sometimes those buses are used in regular lines, which doesn't uses left doors.

    In OMSI I can't make a bus that uses doors at both sides, there are lots of problems regarding this and developers never did a fix... (not even the LHD is fully supported, as reported by me here: BUG REPORT: Left doors for BRT systems - does it really work in OMSI 2?! )

    If this is strange for you... See how the buses are here


    São Paulo buses with doors ath both side:

    And using the left doors:

    Since I don't know how to make all them work in OMSI, I left the left doors disabled, just static (in the 5-door version). By the way there is a version with only 3 doors at right, it can be used in any Map.

    Almost any bus I make I put the left doors to make them really São Paulo-like buses.

    My other projects:

    MEP Quadbus II (beta download, almost 97% complete) and more

    And how I started, lol

    [WIP] MEP Quadbus - From Brazil, 4 doors (2 each side)


    WIP, a new blinking matrix... (it is basic and works with any map without any modification)

    I did something close to this a few years ago, but this is more efficient. It doesn't re-creates the textures, they're created once the line is defined. It just changes the visibility state of objects.

  • =/ I can't understand why this error appears to some with my buses. I think... Maybe because some text file with bad Unicode chars, edited here in other editor than Windows Notepad. But I can't figure out what file is it. I'll try to investigate, but unfortunately I can not reproduce this error here.

  • Das design des Busses ist nicht schlecht. auch der innenraum ist super. Der Fahrgastzähler ist eine gute idee.

    Allerdings finde ich die Türsounds nicht so dolle. Und das der Bus während der fahrt so klackert irretiert mich ein wenig.

  • ich komme mit dem Ibis nicht zurecht bei mir wird nichts geschildert ich habe alle fonts Installiert und auch so der Bus geht bloss das mit dem Ibis bekomme ich leider nicht hin.

    Ich biete mich als Beta Tester von Bussen und Maps an. ich habe sehr viel Erfahrung im Bezug auf Busse da ich selbst Busfahrer bin...

  • In beta 3 the bump sound will be better and/or removed. The door sounds are not the best, but it is ok for our Brazilian buses.


    I don't know what is happening to you, the IBIS font I use is the same IBIS-2_5x7 from OMSI with 256x64 texture size.

    I am considering now a 18 and 23m articulated version. But I think it will be in a new model, not this.

  • Hey,

    Firstly, I want to thank you for one of very few 15-meter long buses. It is a really nice experience although you see it is a beta.
    I want to give you the points I (personally) don't really like:
    - As already considered, the bump sound, but I see, you already gave a statement on this.
    - You really need to adjust the speedometer. Eg: The speedo says that I am doing about 30 kilometres per hour whereas Omsi says I'm only going at 22kmph.
    - Also, I'm not happy with the positions of the sidemirrors. In my opinion you should put them 10 to 20 centimetres lower. In my opinion, they also look really fragile, which I think doesn't really fit to the "character" of this chassis. Personally, I would plug something like this onto that bus.
    - The blue windows, especially the front and anyone in sight of the driver. AFAIK in Germany and Austria they (front, sidewindow at the drivers workplace and the first wing of the door) have to be clear from both sides. Also, I'm not really a fan of the blue color. I would change their color to dark grey.
    - The information display and the panel around. I hope you try and get a solution to make the display "dynamic" (as in Morphi's version of the Citaro). And it would be really nice to see the indicators being like in the Citaro 2 from 3 Generations-Addon.
    - I also would appreciate to see the third door controled separately.
    And the last point, which wouldn't really matter if you don't build would be a version of this with only two doors, just without the door in the back. This would really be something I wish since Omsi was published. I remember there were some in the area of Vienna when I was in Primary school about 9 years ago.

    Well, I hope you think about some of these points. I know it would be lots of work, but IMHO this bus really has potential to become gorgeous.
    So, Greets


    Satzzeichen retten Leben.

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  • Hey Nikix, thank you very much for your detailed feedback!

    - All my buses have this bad speedometer, I will adjust it someday lol
    - I put the mirrors at top trying to gain some FPS, since they will not be visible in default camera view. Nice suggestion, I want new modern mirrors too! The mirrors I am using are from my other models.
    - I can't find a good dark/silver texture for envmap... So I got that blue. I'm considering revert it to more transparent windows. Would be so nice if OMSI had support for real envmap (with pictures of environment buildings, trees, etc like in rain reflexions).

    You can try replacing the texture envmap_preto.bmp in texture directory, it is the envmap that turn windows blues, not the glass texture itself (vidroAI.tga).

    - The dash/cockpit is the part that I have to make more changes... But it is not easy, since I have to edit scripts. I'm making some script code for the matrix, something will change there soon (but I can't say that this will be done in next beta). I don't want to copy the entire scripts from another bus... Maybe I will do it with autorization.
    - I like the doors controled separately too, but... I can't figure out how to do it properly. Using scripts from other busses I had some troubles with passengers, some of them doesn't get off the bus even with all doors opened. So I'm using that 2-door script instead, temporalily.

    I can't promisse a 2-door, because I will have to take care of many variations... Already I'm working on 4: 3 door right, 3 right/2 left, 3 left for LHD maps and 2 left for BRT (in my map Savoy). Adding another variant means more .bus and .cfgs to update... Maybe I make a 2-door version when the interior is complete.

    Thank you very much again, it is good to see that people really liked this bus!

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