Sound mod for Liaz 5292.22 & 6213.22

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  • maybe later I will do. just these buses are optimized for omsi 2. and that which you are talking about 529230 - remained in omsi1. slowly work the mirror and I could not adjust the softness of the suspension.

  • Hello

    I have 2 things, to ask/to tell

    First thing what i want to tell is this sounds are better then the pervious sounds of the bus. Nice job


    Second thing, the pervious bus can i the back doors (3/4) doing open by the door keys, now when i open the back doors must it manuel (in by the driver). Are the doors on other keys?

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  • 3 door open - Add triggers on menu omsi, search: KY-busdoorfront3. 4 open - KY-busdoorfront5

  • Hey, Artur, just to ask: does these door scripts work for the O345 Conecto, mostly the constfile? Because in Portugal we have the model and the ones which were made for OMSI the doors are not what I was actually expecting, that's why I'm asking this.
    Thanks in advance


    Any replies in English are acceptable, since I don't understand German that well

  • I do not quite understand what you mean, but if you need to, you can take the recipe on door constfile and use where you need))

  • @arthur117 Thanks, its works


    A better question of Filipe231291 Works the doorscripts what you used by the liaz ok on the O345 Connecto

    Helpdesk Crew of Bronsmeer Arriva
    - Bronsmeer v1.0 (Bartjk)
    - Bronsmeer V2.0 (Bartjk)

    Working on WIP map Amsterdam City
    Repaints making of GVB Company

  • Sounds are perfect, I adore them!


    I have one question to you... Could you adjust the door animations to make them move correctly in the rails/tracks up to them? For example... Run LiAZ 6213.22, set the camera from the last seats and observe how doors move, "cut" the passenger rail, and go out of their way. I think it's possible to make, I tried on my own, but the result didn't satisfy me at all...

  • Unfortunately my experience in the development omsi capable only of simple writing scripts, simple processing of sounds, so I'm not a professional in these matters


    and I am in the community omsi quite alone, I do not know anyone from the good users who would help me in something understand. and incidentally through Google translator is difficult to understand your wishes. express their ideas more accurately and easier

  • Thanks for these beautiful sounds, If you can make also Liaz 5929.30 would be nice

  • This mod is outdated. I created it. there are problems with overshoot ZF transmission. if I can establish this then I will upload it again.

  • Art des Download: Busmod.
    Projektname: New Sounds for russian low-floor buses.
    Beteiligte Personen: Artur117, Morphi.
    Copyright: No
    Beschreibung: If you do not like the sound of the standard buses, you can download this mod.

    if you have never installed in your game this bus, download FONTS.


  • Sind das komplette Busse, oder muss ich die Standartmodelle auch downloaden, denn bei mir funktionieren die Busse nicht:

    "antrieb _gearwhine_fade" ist kein gültiger Integer-Wert.

    Alles gute euch. Man ließt sich an anderer Stelle.

    Rip OMSI

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