Crossing Object Texturing Problem - Bus Stop

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  • Well, I made a busstop connector on Blender 2.72 - Based on Falkenseer Chausee (Not Ready Yet!!), for my fictional map: Mecha 3 (Skipped 2 and 1 for learning reasons)

    I exported the spline on Spline-Export (to .x file, then Imported the .x on Blender 2.49b, saved the .blend file and edited on Blender 2.72b), then made the editions to create two bus stop platforms (as shown below) and made the texturings (also shown below on the screenshot).

    Exported to .x, and subsequently to .o3d and created the .sco file. But when starts in OMSI to test the object in Grundorf (this version is called "U81 Barracks") some meshes of the object doesn't show the correct objects, as seen in this screenshot:

    And I asked myself: what wrong I have done to make the object appearing without the correct textured bus stop platforms?

    This object isn't equipped with the paths yet.

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