Hilly Citys.

  • I am creating a map called hilly citys. It is a fictional rural map, with, you gessed it, hills and citys! I shal be posting screen shots regularly. So far there is the 1, 45 and E26. I'm having issues with boarding passengers/.hofs/ai. Time scale is for it to be finished by about July/August this year and then will extend. Help will be welcome.

    trying to make omsi work for Britain.

  • Could you explain the problem(s) in detail, please? I have some experience with hof files so maybe I could help you with something. But it would be helpful know what exactly is not working as it should ;)

  • My problems are the fact that I set up the Ibis and destination display perfecly, select the route and pull up to the stop. The passengers don't get on.
    They once did (only once).
    Buses tryed: MB O530, O520, Man SD200 (SD77) Man SD202 (SD86, SD92, SD90). None work. Exept for the sd200 once.


    I'll do my best to upload the hof/photos at the weekend.

    trying to make omsi work for Britain.

  • For a stop you have to place those red bus stop cubes and at least one of the blue people boxes. And it´s better to parent the blue people boxes to the bus stop cubes. Then people should get on.

    Maybe you should try to create a new .hof to check if the issue comes from the .hof or if it has another reason. For this I would recommend the HOF-Creator.

    Best regards,


  • There are many factors to why passengers do not enter your bus. One can be that the names of bus stops and termini are not correctly specified in the hof file. Check the naming of the bus stop cubes you placed in the editor and see if you misspelled them in the hof file. They must have the exact same name!

    For example, let's say you have line 17. Line 17 starts at the Green Street terminus, then it continues to Long Street stop and ends at Smith Road. After you place and name all the stop cubes for the line, you must enter them into the hof file. I have modified the Grundorf hof for this demonstration. I've added the following stops in the "Informationssysteme" section:

    These will now work as normal stops but we want Green Street and Smith road to function as a terminus. They must also be added as termini in the first section of the hof file:

    We are now done with adding the bus stops. Next, our new line must be added at the end of the hof file as shown below:

    After creating the tracks, trips and timetables in the editor, the line functions perfectly. Remember to always watch for correct spelling of the names!

    This covers the hof file part of creating a bus line. The destination codes of the termini in the hof file must be used when creating timetables and trips of the line in the editor. I assume you know how to create tracks and trips for a line, if that is not the case though I can try to help with that too. I hope this will be of any help :) If you have other questions fell free to ask.

    Please note: this is the old format of hof files, a new system came with OMSI 2. This one will still work though and i'm sure you'll find it a lot less complicated for a beginner as it's easier to understand (but that is just my opinion of course :P).

  • I think omsi 2 has thee same system. Thank you everyone for this overwhelming reply. This is going to go alot quicker...

    trying to make omsi work for Britain.

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