Window show bug - pop up window may stuck in the background (false priority?)

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  • OMSI 2 ever, actually 2.2.017

    Pop-up window may not appear: Map starting point selector, Bus selection dialog (place new, or select an AI)

    What did you do before the problem occurs?
    I guess this is the only thing, which couses the problem: During starting omsi I change to an other window (Alt-Tab), than back. The main windows appearing right, but sometimes these pop-up windows pops up behind them. For example in Debug modus..

    Which content do you use? (Maps, busses, ...)
    I guess, no effect. Tons of addons including 3Gen, Hamburg, Wien, ..

    Which mods or plugins do you use?
    No plugins used

    System information (Operating system, RAM, CPU, graphics adapter, ...)
    Win7 pro sp1 (x32), 3GB RAM, 2x 2.4GHz Intel Core 2duo, Nvidia GeForce 210 (HP ET090AV with small upgrade)

  • The bug is already known, some of the beta testers got it. The problem is for us: this bug is technically not possible and never shows up on our systems........

    To point this out: I believe your experience, but we currently have no opportunity to solve it

  • That's really strange. Maybe the application opens very fast on your PC, but not on mine.
    I have 34 maps installed (maps folders excluding aerials) and 237 Vehicles (most of them AI - 239 folders excluding Anzeigen, Announcements)

    If you have high-end PC and only the payware addons installed, OMSI must start quite fast.
    Just ask around / install some detailed maps and check it out so. Maybe that leads to the solution.

    As I remember there is a possibility to set the priority of a new windows form / dialog box. (I learned Delphi, but that was quite a long time before.. Also used visualstudio, but that is not important now)
    If interested, I may attach my logfile (savelogs, logall set for the debug modus for me.)

  • Additionally since last updates -logall logs already such amount of info, that I got ~10 FPS on a test map without any routes, AI, scripted Scenary object, loaded only one bus.