Setra S 431 DT

  • Type of project: Bus

    Name of project: Setra S 431 DT

    Involved persons: Helvete

    External aid required: Not yet

    Estimated construction time: N/A

    Details: Hey guys! Since the work on Lion's Coach mesh is practically finished, I decided to give it a shot and try to make my favourite coach :-) The only thing I managed to do so far is the body and windows (uncluding UV mapping, alpha channel and so on). So basically, the body is ready for repaints. But that's just the basic version with a layout of luggage compartments, door and all the other stuff, I will improve upon it later. Most of the exterior details will be a texture, not a mesh since I'm able to make ot look realistic :-) Enjoy the pics!


  • Nice Model, i Hope it'll look as good as the Lion's Coach, and I'm pretty sure you know how to let that happen.. ^^ So, good Luck with your Project! :)

    Setra - Best in Class.

  • WOW !!! It's very beautiful!!!

    Greatings speedy :thumbup:


  • Im not the expert, but it looks very like Euro5. Euro6 would have grids in the back and Euro4 would not have the distance sensor in the front. But in Euro 5 The foglight has a round form and this are from a earlyer version, this are not round.

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  • @ Modellbusse That's exactly right, but let's see what Helvete and presents everything in the next few weeks months, EURO 6 Ventilation grilles are made quickly.

  • A 2-etage-coach would be great. There are many 2-etage-citybusses in OMSI, but they are for the city. Looks as great as the MAN Lion's Coach. :thumbsup:

    In our schoolbus we think: The others from the other bus route have a 2-etage-bus and we not :( .

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  • oh my god *_*
    Helvete.... I Love U :D

    That´s looks so good!

    Wenn jemand einen Beta-Tester sucht , ich stehe zur verfügung

  • I don't know much about continental European coaches.

    What I do know is, from the Lion's Coach post, that on the Setra, Euro 6 Merc engine requires more air in-take than the Euro 5 thus the grill at the back is bigger. If this is the only difference, would it be possible to make a Euro 5 version as well as the Euro 6 version?

  • I think it´s not so easy because the Bus has an other Engine and a new cocpit which match wiht the S-500 Series.
    The Cocpit would be a lots of work and trust me, the Euro6-Version-Cocpit looks better ;)

  • Differences between Euro V and Euro VI:
    Euro VI has...
    ... an other back
    ... a new dashboard (including color display) and a new steering wheel
    ... other fog lights in the front bumper
    ... a bigger luggage door


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  • that's standard quality fo helvete right here! I can't wait to see the lion's coach and now i can't wait for this either!
    Keep up the great work man :)

  • Thank you guys for such positive comments and helpful feedback! Today I managed to extend the side window line a bit further to the back and changed the layout a bit, including bigger luggage door and so on. The only major things to do are changing the shape of the rear window (the one I made is a bit too curvy on the sides) and changing the fog lights at the front to those from the Euro 6 version.