Bad FPS with good PC

  • Hello friends.
    I've read somewhere that two OMSI performance leaves much to be desired. Still, I want to ask.
    What kind of PC you need to work well?
    I ask, because mine frames much lower when I put 2 or 3 tiles. I can not turn a lot of traffic AI.
    It's a shame not to use even half of the game graphics settings.

    I7 4790K (4.4 GHz)
    16 Gb DDR3 ram
    GTX 780 Ti 3GB
    WIN 7 X64

    I think it's a team more than enough and yet OMSI 2 has a painful performance.

    Any solution?

    Thank you.

  • Por favor, escribe en inglés o aléman si possible, porque es tan difícil de ayudar si el mensaje es en español. ;)
    Please use German or English to post in the forums as it makes it easier for everyone to understand and help since the majority only speaks either German or English. ;)

  • Yes, sorry!

    I already patched with the patch omsi.exe 4Gb but has not improved almost nothing.
    Is there anything else you can do to improve OMSI 2?

  • do you have 32bit or 64bit system? , i have 64 bit system and have little bit problems to play omsi because omsi is 32bit so love to wait when they make it 64bit.. what i know is for 64bit not losing memory etc when play same bit system but if you play 32bit game in 64 bit system well i hope u have good temp.. haha ummm how much u have cars and people in Ai traffic section?

  • Have win7 x64. Ai poeple and traffic 50%.

    The truth is that I have tried many configurations as a little climb sharply reduce the graphics performance.

  • Download the CFF Explorer.
    Open it and open Omsi2.exe with the explorer.
    Click on "File Header"
    Then click on the field "click here"
    Set a checkmark on " App can handle <2gb of adress space."
    Save and overwrite the file.
    I had the same problem and that was the solution. :)

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