Citybus O405/O405G

  • Pedro, can you make engine sounds more real please? I know Perotinus said it is impossible to use the sounds from O407 because it's freeware and your O405/O405G is payware. But can pick up something like O407 sounds. I went on O405, O40G and O407 and I can say that O407 sounds very real for all of these buses. Unfortunately, these buses are now virtually disappeared from us and I can not record sounds for it.

  • Thank you for the feedback guys. :)

    ACMG : Of course. :P I guess I *could* provide the original seat meshes... I don't really like the idea to simply offer my base models to be honest - but you guys did pay for the bus, so you should be able to do whatever with it.
    Reddy : I'll add the lights. They were an oversight. :)
    Marc1972 : Sure, added to the bug list.
    Caramba42 : Will fix, thanks.
    @marios1994:The rear door is openable with the red button on full manual mode. Trigger name is cp_doorrelease_toggle
    Antonio : The thing is that they're as real as possible. Yes, I admit that misc sounds like the starter sounds a bit off place, but unfortunatley I don't really have good samples for this. The sounds were taken from an 1987 OM447h fitted bus from Australia, and that's just how they sound. Admittedly they sound a bit different from a 1992 O405 fitted with a OM447h-II (which is the most common one, at least here in Europe, and even pre-1992 ones in Germany were retro fitted with different mufflers to keep up with emission regulations, as far as I'm aware) - but below are two videos that you can hopefully compare the two. But unless someone can provide decent enough samples, reworking the sounds is not planned really. :/

    1987/1992 O405:

    1992/2001 O405:

  • Hi! I really like to drive your bus, the models look fantastic, but i've find a really minor problem on the wheels, the screws are aligned with the holes, they should be between them.

    I would be happy, if you would fix them, if it's not too much work.

  • Hi Pedro

    First off, a fantastic bus you have created, both verisons. You should be very pleased with your work :)

    Secondly, do you have the rpn files to be able to repaint the buses with the repaint tools? they are not located in the Addon folder.

    Thank you :)

  • Irgendwie habe ich das Gefühl, dass hier gerade so bisl die Erbsenzählerei los geht... Das man sogar die Schraubenposition bemängelt......

    Intel i9-9900k | GeForce RTX 2080TI | 16GB GSkill 3200 CL14 - Ob OMSI flüssig läuft? :/ Nicht immer :D

  • Find ich persönlich auch nicht so kritisch, aber wenn es einfach zu beheben sein sollte, warum nicht?

    I found another bug:
    The external door opener is always lit (three green LEDs).
    At least for the O405, haven't tried it with the G yet. They should only be on when the door can be opened.

    Some questions:

    1. Is there any way to get rid of this loudspeaker or whatever it is? Is it isolated in an extra mesh? Because this is totally non-standard to me as I haven't seen any O405(G) with this, I'd like to remove it.

    2. What is in the o405_details.o3d and o405_extdetails.o3d meshes? They are not used in the model.cfg file.

  • Hi Pedro,
    first of all thank you for this very nice bus that you have created.
    But i think the track of the front axle is too wide. Just a minor issue (visual), could be probably fixed in a future update.


  • I have a question to the admin: Please clean this topic! There are a lot off double posts.

    German: Fur die admin: Ist es vieleicht ein Möglichkeit auf der erste seiten ein liste zu erstellen mit mit bereits gemeldeten Bugs so dass die leute nicht alles wiederholen :?: :?:

    Lotus Early Access :love:

    Stadsregio Vlietlanden

  • Can anyone tell me where that part between the driver and passenger seat in the fabric texture goes? I made it all red but stil can't see.

    Kann mir jemand sagen, wofür das Teil zwischen Fahrer- und Fahrgastsitz in der Fabric-Textur gedacht ist? Ich habe es schon knallrot eingefärbt, aber kann es immer noch nicht zuordnen.

  • Pedro
    Repainted windows

    Unfortunately, I will absolutely not smart of it, as you have solved the glue the disks. Maybe I also think wrong.
    However, I get it out completely. Because every time my writing is shown in phantom.

    I know, not whether you have more desire, the mapping of the window would eventually adapt to the continuous mapping.

    One explanation would enter:
    [OMSI2] Current Developments - Aktuelle Entwicklungen


  • Hello everyone! What o0405g option in the settings is responsible for the opening of the third door on the keyboard? Sorry for my English.

  • vis_mkrlight

    0 = 1 Rotes Licht, welches beim Blinker auch mit blinkt
    1 = 2 Kammerlicht, wie auf dem Bild

    Liebe Beitragleser, eine wichtige Durchsage: Aufgrund anhaltender Einfallslosigkeit fällt die Signatur heute leider aus, wir arbeiten an den Problemen und bitten um Ihr Verständnis, Danke
    --Danke für 1500 Danksagungen--

  • I don't know if that has been reported but I accidentally pressed the button that is assigned to the 3rd door trigger while driving the O405. At first I thought that I might have left a door opened, but I've soon realized that all the doors where closed. In a rush, I've pressed some buttons and then I came to the 0 (which in my case is assigned to the 3rd door for the O405G) and then I've heared the exterior engine sounds getting lower (so a door was closing); the stop brake was disengaged and then I was able to set off.