Citybus O405/O405G

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  • Pedro, can you make engine sounds more real please? I know Perotinus said it is impossible to use the sounds from O407 because it's freeware and your O405/O405G is payware. But can pick up something like O407 sounds. I went on O405, O40G and O407 and I can say that O407 sounds very real for all of these buses. Unfortunately, these buses are now virtually disappeared from us and I can not record sounds for it.

  • Thank you for the feedback guys.


    ACMG: Of course.


    I guess I *could* provide the original seat meshes... I don't really like the idea to simply offer my base models to be honest - but you guys did pay for the bus, so you should be able to do whatever with it.
    Reddy: I'll add the lights. They were an oversight.


    Marc1972: Sure, added to the bug list.
    Caramba42: Will fix, thanks.
    @marios1994:The rear door is openable with the red button on full manual mode. Trigger name is cp_doorrelease_toggle
    Antonio: The thing is that they're as real as possible. Yes, I admit that misc sounds like the starter sounds a bit off place, but unfortunatley I don't really have good samples for this. The sounds were taken from an 1987 OM447h fitted bus from Australia, and that's just how they sound. Admittedly they sound a bit different from a 1992 O405 fitted with a OM447h-II (which is the most common one, at least here in Europe, and even pre-1992 ones in Germany were retro fitted with different mufflers to keep up with emission regulations, as far as I'm aware) - but below are two videos that you can hopefully compare the two. But unless someone can provide decent enough samples, reworking the sounds is not planned really.


    1987/1992 O405:

    1992/2001 O405:

  • Hi! I really like to drive your bus, the models look fantastic, but i've find a really minor problem on the wheels, the screws are aligned with the holes, they should be between them.

    I would be happy, if you would fix them, if it's not too much work.

  • Hi Pedro

    First off, a fantastic bus you have created, both verisons. You should be very pleased with your work


    Secondly, do you have the rpn files to be able to repaint the buses with the repaint tools? they are not located in the Addon folder.

    Thank you


  • Find ich persönlich auch nicht so kritisch, aber wenn es einfach zu beheben sein sollte, warum nicht?

    I found another bug:
    The external door opener is always lit (three green LEDs).
    At least for the O405, haven't tried it with the G yet. They should only be on when the door can be opened.

    Some questions:

    1. Is there any way to get rid of this loudspeaker or whatever it is? Is it isolated in an extra mesh? Because this is totally non-standard to me as I haven't seen any O405(G) with this, I'd like to remove it.

    2. What is in the o405_details.o3d and o405_extdetails.o3d meshes? They are not used in the model.cfg file.

  • Hi Pedro,
    first of all thank you for this very nice bus that you have created.
    But i think the track of the front axle is too wide. Just a minor issue (visual), could be probably fixed in a future update.


  • I have a question to the admin: Please clean this topic! There are a lot off double posts.

    German: Fur die admin: Ist es vieleicht ein Möglichkeit auf der erste seiten ein liste zu erstellen mit mit bereits gemeldeten Bugs so dass die leute nicht alles wiederholen



    Lotus Early Access :love:

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  • Can anyone tell me where that part between the driver and passenger seat in the fabric texture goes? I made it all red but stil can't see.

    Kann mir jemand sagen, wofür das Teil zwischen Fahrer- und Fahrgastsitz in der Fabric-Textur gedacht ist? Ich habe es schon knallrot eingefärbt, aber kann es immer noch nicht zuordnen.

  • Pedro
    Repainted windows

    Unfortunately, I will absolutely not smart of it, as you have solved the glue the disks. Maybe I also think wrong.
    However, I get it out completely. Because every time my writing is shown in phantom.

    I know, not whether you have more desire, the mapping of the window would eventually adapt to the continuous mapping.

    One explanation would enter:
    [OMSI2] Current Developments - Aktuelle Entwicklungen


    Copyright ist wie eine Frau, respektiere sie und du hast ein schönes Leben.

  • Hello everyone! What o0405g option in the settings is responsible for the opening of the third door on the keyboard? Sorry for my English.

  • vis_mkrlight

    0 = 1 Rotes Licht, welches beim Blinker auch mit blinkt
    1 = 2 Kammerlicht, wie auf dem Bild

    Niemand nimmt uns OMSI weg

    Bin jetzt in der Webdisk zu finden

  • I don't know if that has been reported but I accidentally pressed the button that is assigned to the 3rd door trigger while driving the O405. At first I thought that I might have left a door opened, but I've soon realized that all the doors where closed. In a rush, I've pressed some buttons and then I came to the 0 (which in my case is assigned to the 3rd door for the O405G) and then I've heared the exterior engine sounds getting lower (so a door was closing); the stop brake was disengaged and then I was able to set off.