[Forum] Messages of your administration

The forum is in reduced operation. The Addon and Support forums remain open.
Please note that OMSI is no longer under development. Some of the developers are now working on a new simulator. Further information concerning the LOTUS-Simulator can be found here.
  • Dear OMSI fans,

    one or the other may have discovered me already: I'm Janine.


    As of now, I am responsible as your Community Manager and will help you in word and deed.

    My responsibilities include the maintenance of the forum and the website, keeping you updated on the latest events and news and to ensure together with our moderators your stay here in the forum is as pleasant as possible. Furthermore, I also collect your feedback and forward it to the right destination.

    I'm looking forward to establish an intensive and good cooperation between you and me and to take care of your concerns.

    Do not be surprised: The Forum will get a new 'paint' and thus some things will change here in the near future.

    Best wishes
    Community Manager OMSI-Forum

  • Please note concerning competitive products!

    Please do omit any discussions on comparing competitive products with OMSI. Those are pointless and harm the forum's atmosphere. Furthermore, they only bring forward conflicts which otherwise never had been brought up. The moderation is called upon to prevent any such discussion from now on.
    Therfore: just let it be, you're not doing any good with it, on the contrary!


    That is just as well the same with negative ratings on Amazon concerning the latest competitive product: Those were reportedly initiated by OMSI buyers who did not even buy the other product: If you want to support us then do it not by negative, but by positive actions (such as ratings etc.)!


    Otherwise this only generates trouble for us that merely slows us down rather than bringing us forward!


    Translation provided by Sven2540

  • Dear fans,

    the writing access to the forum is temporary disabled - we move to another host.

    I want to request you to handle this by doing the following:

    • Since nearly every question has been answered once you should use the search function to get given answers to your question. Google translation and the German part of the forum will help you further.
    • The PM function is available at all - so for urgent support requests the experts - and of course Aerosoft themselves - are available for you.
    • Every not support-related topic can be posted at OMSI-CMC.

    We are sorry for any inconvenience.


  • Dear OMSI fans!

    The forum will be closed for maintenance on Wednesday. Recommended alternative: OMSI-CMC. Further information will be given tomorrow.
    Thank you for your patience!

    Forum administration

  • Dear fans,

    the maintenance is done. The following is new for you:

    • Addon-specific topics are now bundled inside the addon category.
    • As a consequence the commentary threads of the commercial addons moved into the info portal.
    • We have added a support forum for hardware- or steam-related problems.
    • The German-English area has been divided into separate German and English forums.
    • New categories and forums caused a new assignment of permissions.

    Feedback, suggestions, too less/too much permissions, forgotten english threads of the previous German-English area and so on can be discussed in the forum forum.

    Regards and have fun!

  • Hello OMSI fans!

    1st: We say good bye to our moderator fdlbc, who resigns from his membership as a moderator for a while due to private reasons. Many thanks for his willingly support! The farewell is kept short, since we hope to see him back in the forum soonly.

    2nd: In the light of current events I want to emphasize the forbiddance of publishing private messages. Private information must only be announced after the approval of the concerned person(s).


  • Dear forum users,

    some of you already noticed: the websites http://www.m-r-software.de and http://www.omnibussimulator.de become redesigned currently. This redesign is necessary to reveal the borderline between ex-MR-Software and Marcel in private. Since some of the designs have been created by Marcel with Rüdiger's help, we want to avoid that Rüdiger asserts his claims due to the new situation between Marcel and him.

    We will not discuss the new style/content/colors.
    Possibly smaller changes will be made prospectively.


  • The forum is going to be restructured to provide more and better support for english speaking users


    I will announce when I am done.

    ...You will also get back your lost forum rules. I apologize for the long time you had to look around without them...

  • Some of you already recognized the new structure of our forum:

    We added a new area for visitors without registration. They can post questions related with OMSI support and will get answers.
    In addition, the German and English speaking forums have been merged completely.

    We aimed two major changes for users:
    According to reports of Aerosoft's support, a significant part of OMSI users refuse to register at our forum in order to get answers to their questions. The visitor's area allows to ask and answer anonymous.
    Beyond that, we want to push questions/information given in English. The German part of the forum always has been more frequented by users than the English part. The unification shall give you the chance to get many answers and an excessive exchange between each other


    I hope you can find your way through the new/renamed topics and always find the general information given in English. If you experience major problems, feel free to post them!

    (11:47 A.M.) Forum rules and templates are not yet repaired. Please give me a little time to finish up.
    (22:00 P.M.) Forum rules are now readable, but templates are still missing. Sorry for that!
    (08:45 A.M.) Templates are now translated and automatically available in concerned sub forums.

  • Dear OMSI fans,

    we wish you a very good start into spring - and best possible view to today's spectacle of nature!
    Do yourself well!


    Best regards
    Your experts, moderators
    And Marcel & me

    Solar Eclipse in Spandau

    Spring around Spandau Nervenklinik

  • Hello, fans,

    today we say good bye to Marpe and benkda01 as moderators. Thank you very much for your support and work!

    To provide a faster processing of post-reports, we warmly welcome MarvinK as a moderator. Marvin will no longer be available as an OMSI expert. Thanks, Marvin, for offering your aid


    Best regards

  • Hey fans,

    through intolerable copyright infringements OMSI map Gladbeck is not allowed to be posted as screenshot, video, link or anything else. Support is prohibited as well as publishing maps/content using Gladbeck content in this forum.

    This applies also for all further products of this developer.

    Best regards

  • Due to intolerable misconduct the forum registration is currently disabled. As a guest, for any support issue please use the visitor's support area.

  • Hello


    Registered users now have the ability to rename themselves every 365 days. For this time the "old" name is shown at the user's profile.
    This is a test run - we are looking forward to its result.

    Have fun!