Comments on "Berlin X10"

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  • Now this is an add-on that is worth our money and buying and worth having 24.95 as a price. I was waiting for this kind of add-on where you have more then 1/2 bus lines and a " large " double decker bus. Thanks for this add-on.

  • I've noticed that the camera screen in the bus only works for the exterior camera. The two interior cameras only display a still image.

  • There used to be a beta version of the bus featuring all the lacking real cameras. However, this was really bad for performance, We had to remove those again.

    Die Verbreitung und Modifizierung von bisher durch mich veröffentlichten Inhalten bedarf meiner Zustimmung.

    :tram: Entwickler der Straßenbahnen NF6D und KT4D für OMSI 2

  • I just did the X10 route and it looks great!


    Surprisingly I didn't notice any bugs (other than usual OMSI issues), which is a first for any OMSI addon. The Zoolog. Garten area looks particularly good. It has a authentic Berlin feel to it.

  • I missed this post by miles! Fantastic addon, Zoolog Garten is heavy but superb, worth the FPS usage. the bus handles like a charm and so many routes!!! One thing all addons so far have lacked is multiple choice.

    Brilliant addon, now that the D92 has been amended in the ai list, superb


    Just which bus company runs the N12?

  • The SEV service is for advanced drivers. In \Addons\Berlin X10\SEV Info.pdf you get tips to find the bus stops at the station areas. The way from one station to another, you have to know yourself like a real bus driver


    . But it is not really difficult.

    Payware-Addon "Berlin X10" ist fertig.

    Als Download-Version, Box-Version, Special-Edition und bei Steam erhältlich.

  • I cant find any faults with this addon at all, its so good to have a new Berlin map with such a lot to offer. I bought the download and the special edition. I hope to see more from yourselves and Halycon. More Berlin definitely.

  • Berlin X 10 is a wonderful addon. Level of detail is very good. Buses are fun to drive and the variety of lines is splendid.
    I am having a lot of fun with this addon. Likewise, there is a tremendous potential for additional DLC content in the future.

    * Edit: Apologies for accidentally double posting. *

  • I've just realized that I can't refuel and / or wash the bus in the depot: the only solution is to do this at the petrol stations?

  • I've played around on the map for a little while, and whilst the map is pretty nice, I've noticed that the AI is being consistently dumb. Just stopping and waiting forever like here:

    and then pulling out on you whilst you're doing 50kmph and have full priority, causing me to swerve and crash - ending in a lot of 'Mann Mann Mann!'

    When they change lanes they also seem to slow down a lot.. which I don't quite understand.

    There is also the usual OMSI problems of tile stutter and framerate.