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  • hi want say its very good map etc but are there commin ai list where is solaris and citaro's other bus types in berlin route's?

  • Whaat a great add-on! I was not too sure if it was worth the money since the previous versions of the Teltow map were freeware, but I am glad I purchased this!

    Question about the bus scripting: I noticed there are delays on the announcements and I found the code in the IBIS-2.osc file. It is the section of code that handles the "#0000000". Is it possible to implement that code in other buses? The #0000100 code is the closest to what I was trying to get for a map project I was working on a few years ago (I abandoned it because I had no time).

    One other question I had about the Gorba Matrix and LAWO Matrix: Is it possible to use the matrix scripts on other buses? I want to use them on the Citaro and Urbino.

    EDIT 2
    I found the modification for the Urbino. Now, I just have to look for one for the Citaro.

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  • I never testes if that code can be brought to other buses. The delayed announcements only work with both the special script and a special .hof file.

    I wouldn't recommend to use our Matrix scripts because we often had to change them.

  • Right, I did see the .hof file as well. I can give it a try and see if it works.

    About the Matrix scripts, I understand. I just may keep what I have actually. I was looking at pictures of the destination signs for the Urbino and Citaro in Berlin, and there are several different font sizes depending on the length of the name.

  • Stupid question but aside from Denmark how comes Double deck buses aren't widely used in most European cities? Was talking with my colleague about this and he didn't know Berlin had double deckers.

    Sorry to go off topic but just curious

  • For double deckers you need bridges that are high enough and you need special depots.

    Then you have to get an answer to the question: Do you want to transport many people? Or do you want to transport many people sitting?
    Double deckers have many seats but they typically have not as much standing places as an articulated bus.

    Another problem is that double deckers are "special" buses that cost more than articulated buses.

  • I guess compared to London it's not AS busy I suppose, if night lines are single rigid buses. It's a fair question and Im glad to of asked as I don't know about Berlin's bus transit, I know what the demands are in London. So again, a fair question and now I understand it

  • I remember being very suprised when I was in Berlin to see MAN LC DD buses going by almost empty. All the single deck buses seemed very quiet as well. I did see one LC DD that was packed.

  • LT586:
    You cant's say that there are no double decker services at night. N10 is single decker because of the day line 110, N84 because of 184. In the addon, you find several ai lines with double deckers, e. g.: M46+N9 (at Zoo), M48+N16 (at Eiche) and of course M19+M29.

    My friend that recently was in London told me exactly the opposite


    . In Berlin the average utilization of buses is 17% (=19 persons in a DL). But that comes from the outer parts of the lines (X10 isn't full in Teltow but in Zehlendorf), from the opposite directions (few people run outwards in the morning) and from times with less demand (late evening). In rush hours, some Berlin lines have an average of 75 persons in a DL at certain places, in case of delays even more.
    I don't know values of London but Hamburg has 15% utilization and some regional bus operators have only 5%.

  • Also wanted to ask if repaints are changing the seats, pipes and wheels why does it not show in game i've taken a look at both the .cti file and the model.cfg; also the repaint file extensions and still nothing works, the files are .dds in the texture folder and .bmp in the model.cfg - changed the .bmp to the .dds in the model.cfg file and again still not working? Any advice?

  • It's ok I sorted it out; I didn't make the connection in the .cti file which was reference to the earlier model of the DL. Changed the headings in the .cti file and it works


    I had repaint_sid which should be seats or seats2

  • Firstly, thanks for the great add-on!

    I've 3 question;

    Will you make all the line of M29 or M19?

    Did you think make the N1 Line?

    And, are the new AI-Vehicles will come?


  • I will not complete M19 and M29 in this addon.

    What about line 110? There is missing only short part between Elsterplatz and Oscar Helene Heim. The same thing about N10 but on shorter part to Königin Luise Straße.
    I also have question about bugs from FAQ listed as "should be fixed" but still they are not - "truck trailer doesn't blink" and "no target list in DL bus". If and when it will be repaired?

  • Wow an update to Berlin, incredible. I know we've butt heads Maerkertram but still my favourite map. Any extension would be welcome, (....)

    Would the M46 be an option to extend to Berlin Sud, going towards Bülowstraße would be great as the M46 was the first line I did at night when i visited

  • I've been wondering something.

    Line 623 was added to the game (Berlin X10), even though it is extremely short. But line 104 between Rathenauerplatz and Fehrbellinerplatz was not added though it has several stops available? Sure we can drive it without timetables, but it is not the same. The line could have terminated at the Rathenauerplatz or have been altered to terminate at the same stop as M19 does which is this stop, but to other direction.

  • The reason for me was the length of the line. 104 between Rathenauplatz and U Fehrbelliner Platz would be 6 stations, same as ai line 109 between Hertzallee and U Adenauerplatz. 623 is 7 stations between Machnower Str./Berlepschstr. and U Oskar-Helene-Heim.

    Also, there would be trouble with the ai drivers. If 104 ends at Rathenauplatz, it would block other ai bus lines on the bus lanes. At Herbertstr. (picture), the bus bay is already too short for M19, when two buses stand there at once.