Autodromo Busotto

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  • I think the bus is ok.But the sounds are not very qualitive.Model, texture and script are very good.

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  • The wait was really worth it, the bus is really good. I have to say the designers of CAM were drunk when they designed this thing, it looks so weird... actually, it's so weird that i like it xD.

    The model has a very good quality, same with scripts. I really like the rear door cameras, it is a very useful feature that only a very few buses have. The sounds are nice for me. I am not precisely an expert in MAN engines, they just came here in 2016 equipped into Volkswagen chassis and they are still very rare as many bus operators use MB engines here.

    In a few words, congratulations for an excellent work :)

  • I'm looking forward to drive the Busotto in this final release! Great work.

    (I smell some [Xe]LaTeX in the user documentation, am I right? :P)

    Thanks a lot, and you're also right about XeLaTeX. I got to know it at university (I'm a CS student) and it took a while to write my own template for OMSI documentation, but it's been very useful both to work on multiple languages and also to integrate the parts I already wrote for specific packages like the FAINSA Arianne, the Aesys and others.

    In this regard, I'd also like to announce that I will release the following developer packages when I have some time to write a full post:

    • Advertisement System
    • Aesys KC640 and LED Display
    • FAINSA Arianne

    Each of these contains the Blender project, Textures, PSD templates, Scripts and, of course, Documentation needed by developers/modders to implement these objects on their buses.