Mercedes O530 Citaro Facelift

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  • Type of project: Bus

    Name of project: Mercedes 0530 Citaro Facelift (based on O530 by Alterr and Morphi 4.0 mod)

    Involved persons: Helvete

    External aid required: No

    Estimated construction time: ---

    Details: Hi guys! Thanks to the fact that we already have the basic Citaro model by Alterr and thanks to Morphi who gave me a green light to use his 4.0 mod as the foundation, here is the effect of my work - the 2 door version of the bus. There is some work with the interior textures, but that's not a problem. The dashboard is complete (the mesh of the VDV is taken from Solaris Urbino by Alterr since its free to use and modify). The package will most probably include:

    (by automatic/manual I mean door control)

    2-Door automatic
    2-Door manual
    3-Door manual
    Citaro G 3-Door
    Citaro G 4-Door

    and less probably Citaro L with 3 doors.

    The most important thing is to finish the basic 2 door version, since everything else will be based on it.

    Pictures/videos: Here are some screenshots, please note that the textures might change a bit


    Concerning constructive feedback:

    I am receptive to every kind of constructive feedback. It must not hurt me and must not diminish my work.
    Please write your feedback to my work so, as to be

    • precise and clear, thus not vague or emotional
    • analytical and rational, thus properly researched and convenient, not on impulse
    • solution-orientated, thus, if applicable, attached with counterproposals, consequences and implications.

    Since I am glad about any kind of compliment of my work, a balanced ratio of positive and negative feedback is greatly appreciated.

  • Nice Project!


    I'm really Nervous because your project will be great! But One Problem:' : I can't see any Pictures
    (I'm Sorry about my Bad English)

    Greets LemIX

    Die Gier,Die Gier die schadet dir

    Alter Name war manothom ;)

  • Looks beautiful, very nice work you're doing! Will there be any difference in usability like an option to use a Nothahn? Looking forward for the bus!

    Also hier gibt's mal für nun nix zum zeigen.

  • Nice work, but can you maybe change the Windshield wiper like the C2 by Darius

    Ich kann das, ich bin Brofi.

  • Really,really nice! I love Citaro Facelifts



    Danke für 2200 Danksagungen. :D Ihr habt Fragen zum Repainten oder Repaintwünsche? PN's sind Herzlich Willkommen. :D

  • Nice work Helvete.


    But one thing: The Citaro Facelift has got other "Klappfenster". Will you add them too?Look here.

    Diese Signatur steht unter Denkmalschutz.

  • Wahnsinn! Ich werde für diesen Bus definitiv neue Facelift-Sounds releasen.

    Wow! Awesome! I want to create new facelift sounds, when the bus is released.

    Bei Fragen rund um Sounds und Sounddesign, könnt ihr euch gerne bei mir melden via PN oder in meinem Thread.
    Private Anfragen zur Soundpackerstellung werden nicht mehr entgegen genommen - Lediglich für Entwickler eines Busses biete ich noch Hilfe an!

    Private inquiries for creating a sound-pack will now be declined. I will only provide help for active bus developers.

  • Awesome !!!!

    This is the first real Ciatro Facelift. I like this bus so much. It's a very good model thank you !!!!
    I hope you will keep working on it not like many other Ciatro Facelifts which stopped after a few days/weeks.

  • The number of openable windows depend on the purchaser, it may vary in different busses.

    He doesn't means the number of them, he means the look from them. Kann jemand ein Bild von denen zeigen, wo man es besser erkennt? Ich finde keine.