Solaris Urbino PL - Mega Pack

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  • Type of project: Bus modification

    Name of project: Solaris Urbino PL - Mega Pack (Moki mod v2)

    Involved persons: Main author: CraherPL
    CO-author: Łapka
    (Rest of authors of parts used in mod are in readme no one is missing)

    Version: 1.6b final

    Download: Link - 1.7

    Details: Originally Moki mod v2, because it is expand of Moki Mod v1, but complexity of this version of mod and fact, that pack doesn’t contain only Moki dashboard now forced me to change the name of Mod.
    Pack contain 83 playable versions of Solaris Urbino 10, 12, 15 and 18 buses (Config of dashboard, gerabox, engine). In addition there is 29 [setvar]’s which adds details such as: Air conditioning, DRL’s, round STOP buttons, hubcaps and much more.

    For more info you can download only readme before full modification here!

    Szczecin's repaints configured for this mod are available Here Author: Richard Hammond

    Changelog 1.3:

    Changelog 1.4:

    Changelog 1.5:

    Changelog 1.6:

    Changelog 1.6a:

    Changelog 1.6b:

    Copyright: Is forbidden to reupload the archive. Exception of krueger+(+) script which is on CC BY-SA 4.0 licence.
    I’m looking forward for modifications to my modification but, remember you cannot reupload any part of original archive.


    Warning! It is important to read all readme to avoid not important questions!

    You like that modification?
    You want to support authors and thank them for their time?

    Also, I might consider making 1.7 version with 2 door version of SU12, 3 door version of SU18 and LE version's.

  • Hey, wie Bekomme ich diese komische Scheibe/Tür beim Euro 6 weg?
    Hey, how I delete the strange Window/door by the first door in the Euro 6?

  • First of all i'll post fix today couse i found bug in mod.

    Second to choose between large cabin or small you have to read readme file. There you can find instructions of using [setvar] entries.

    I won't post Blender files.

  • Yeah, that would be great. 'Cause i have V1.5, and I would like to know, what had changed between ther versions, before I download it. And by the way: What must I delete, to use the FAP Euro 6 Voith/ZF Sound.cfg in the Standart SU12?

  • Leon K. You can't use these sounds in standart Su12 only with this mod. Maybe in future i'll add "standart" version of this bus (2 door).

    And wait till version 1.6a which will be relased today, it will contain bug fix which will be available soon

    Buskaktus Most of repaints you can find on polish forum, But reapints from Szczecin I will add soon adjusted for this mod and groupped for new folders.

  • Okey Thanks. A 2-door bzw. A 3-door Version would be really nice;)

  • Well, maybe someone else would do that, if you would give the .blend files to the person;) But it's ok, after such a big modpack i can understand, that you're tired of this bus;)

  • Maybe I'll find someone to do this for me


    Bay the way i added link for fix 1.6a in first post

    Changelog 1.6a:

    -Bugfix missing cover over doors
    -Bugfix missing bus body in some versions
    -Bugfix doubling 3rd and 4th doors (Ventura + Rawag)
    -Bugfix doubling first doors in Su12
    -Bugfix lighting over doors in su18

  • Kan mir jemand sagen welches Fahrzeugevent ich nehmen muß um die Tür 3 und 4 ( beim U18 ) zu betätigen?
    Und welches ist für dir Türautomatik?

  • iceage I don't understand


    Do you mean which key bindings are for opening 3rd and 4th door and which is for individual door opening? If that so: For 3rd doors bus_doorfront2 for 4th doors bus_doorfront3 Automatic doors CG_active

    @erinalp Like I said before for now it's not in plans - it depends on donation's (As you might don't know I'm making this mod for months now and i'm kinda tired)

  • I don't know why, but when I opened a door sometimes, then it doesn't want to close again. It's going to close first but a short time before it's fully closed it opens again. And I can't change it, not with starting the electric again, not with repair-button... And sadly the bus hasn't functionable emergency-valves. The problem exists since I have version 1.6, now I have 1.6a and the problem stayed.

    Ich weiß nicht wieso, aber wenn ich eine Tür ein paar Male öffne, dann schließt sie sich einfach nicht mehr. Sie schließt sich immer fast komplett und geht dann aber wieder auf. Ich kann es nicht ändern, nicht mithilfe eines Neustarts der Elektrik und auch nicht mit dem Reparier-Button... Und traurigerweise hat der Bus auch keine funktionierenden Nothähne. Das Problem existiert bei mir seit Version 1.6, mit dem Herunterladen und Installieren der Version 1.6a bleibt das Problem bestehen.