Städtedreieck V2.1 (Release Leistellenfahrt V3 am 17.03)

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  • Hallo!
    Könnte mir jemand Links schicken zu den Dateien die mir fehlen für Städtedreieck?
    Habe eigentlich alles installiert, aber Map tools sagt etwas anderes.
    Ich würde mich auf eine hilfreiche Antwort freuen.

  • Die backgroundsounds sind aus version 1.6 von dem Soundpacket. Der Link in der readme geht zu eine Seite die dir zu den richtigen Link leitet.

    Für die Strassenobjekte von Yufa musst du das AddOn-Pack (aus dem 1. Post) herunterladen. Die sind in diesen Download dabei.

  • Texture problems have been solved, but still remains the lack of tiles in Sisselforst. The whole map loads without problems, except for Sisselforst: only sky is visible. I tried to open the map in the editor, but still nothing. If you want, here's to you the logfile about editor mode...

  • Did you go to Sisselsforst when you created the logfile that you've shown in post 1579? Because I cannot see any error there and if there are errors, they will only appear in the log when OMSI actually tries to load the tiles.

  • Thanks for the answer. now I'll try to load Sisselsforst's tile, so you can see the right logfile. Otherwise, there are some other tiles missing, (i.e. line 62 is uncomplete). I'll post you the logfile in a few minutes...

    Ok, now I've been to Sisselsforst, of course nothing appear but the sky. Here's the logfile:

    Finally, a pic about the other problem, the one on line 62: as you can see, the road ends in nothing, the bus stops and you can't go on..

  • Nothing to do, I've installed that objects, but Sisselsfort sitll doesn't appear... But a good news: the tiles on line 82 now are loaded, I'll try to drive this line right now...