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  • Wenn man über "via browser" benutzt, dann wird es einfach heruntergeladen auf der website, und wenn es fertig ist, kann man es ganz normal runterladen. Ist nur ein wenig anders als man auf anderen download seiten gewöhnt ist...

  • Needs plenty of time to get the map? How? You literally download a 1.5 gb file and extract it. All objects and splines that are needed go with it, including the ai buses. The only issue I had was with certain splines that OMSI wouldn't recognise german letters, but this is not the authors fault. I fixed that easily and didn't run into any problem with the map. One of the best and most realistic maps done for the game. You're one of the few who had such issues and it's rude to discredit the whole work just because you have to spend so much time to get the map. This is one of the rarest maps I didn't have to fix anything, unlike many other german maps for which I have to download tons of objects and in the end not still be able to play it properly.

  • Hallo zusammen,

    erstmal DANKE für diese super Map. Macht richtig Spaß darauf zu fahren.
    Leider fehlen bei mir auch einige Texturen, wie bei "EDawg". Ich hoffe dafür gibt es irgendwann eine Lösung


    Viele Grüße

  • Man for your problem there is one so simple solution , buy internet with higher speed , and you will get map in 5-6 minutes , like member marrecar said , this one map , from the group of really rare maps where you get everything in a single rar.

    @There will be fix soon for that error, and one more thing , durring the instal replace everything it wont affect your omsi at all

  • DE:
    Hallo zusammen,
    ich habe mir nun die Karte installiert (und auch alle Objekte laut MapTools) sowie den SU18GSP.

    Nun spuckt mir OMSI aber dauernd Errors beim MAN_NL 272 aus


    Hier die Logfile:
    Benutzer Bus: O405 (Payware) + MAN NL 272 als KI

    Hello guys,
    I installed the map with all necessary addons correctly but in my logfile are many errors with the MAN NL 272, so the game started to jerk.
    Used bus: O405 (Payware) + normal Ailist with the MAN NL 272

    Thank´s for help

  • changelog 25.5.2016.:
    - fixed missing textures for users with issued graphics cards
    - fixed missplaced objects for users with tiles overlaped
    - people box added at: vojni put, prilaz and prvomajska stations.
    - added announcements: Bulevar Zorana Djindjica and Blok 30 by icacar
    - fixed static busses sco files
    - small dinar fixes by lapka
    - added refueling in depo Zemun
    - minor fixes

    - if you have freezes problem with child buying a ticket, disable ticket selling in options. (OMSI2 issue)
    - Please, insert inv_splines.sli if you have pedestrian crossing issue.
    - optional: smaller textures for Belgrade objects (providing better fps) - edited by lapka

    NOTE: Hotfix is being made by Belgrade map users

  • Die Map schaut super aus und macht auch Spaß aber leider scheint Omsi bei mir mit den Bussen ein Problem zu haben. Es fährt bei mir kein einziger MAN habe jetzt diese durch andere Fahrzeuge ersetzt. Weiß jemand ob es schon Repaints für andere Fahrzeuge gibt?

    The map looks great but unfortunately Omsi have a problem with the buses. It drives no MAN. Now I have this replaced by other vehicles. Does anyone know if there are already repaints for other vehicles?

  • Здраво! I've a problem with the map. I downloaded it (and the hotfix as well) and installed it however I am missing most of the tiles. I can only load the area around Zeleni Venac and the bridge. I tried opening it in the Map editor and filling the missing tiles but a fatal error appears and closes the editor. (Fatal Error occurred! Omsi will be closed.Direct3D-Device-Reset schlug fehl, Fehler: D3DERR_INVALIDCALL).

  • Played map from cover to cover - all lines are great, the 45 being one of the longest in terms of bus stops - is a winner. Crossings aren't a problem just speed through it or run them over ha!

    The Solaris is great, a perfect timetable, not too rushed, can loose 2 minutes and catch up quite easily, the 15N is a drive, hope there's more lines!