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  • Hello again,
    I've got a problem if a child wants to buy a ticket. If I press "T" the child doesn't get a ticket, only the change, and with every time pressing "T" the money gets more.
    I also get the error message "P.render" if a child wants to buy a ticket, then SweetFX turns off and I can't watch the stats of Omsi (Ctrl+Z).

    Here's the logfile (pretty long^^):

    And a short video:

  • That issue is already reported and you could've found it PDF file that came with the map. Either disable ticket selling or use the fix that's written in the PDF file.

  • Also ich lasse die Map leider in der Tonne. Die haut ja mal megaviele Fehler raus. Nein danke.

    Ich habe versucht die Logfile hier zu posten, aber dann ist der Server überlastet so lang ist die.

  • Sorry dude, but this map is not working...
    So many errors in the logfile and some kind of "tiles overlapping"...

  • For the problem with children buying a ticket go to Ticketpacks\Busplus and open the BusPlus.otp file. Then add the following new ticket
    Osnova vremenska karta red
    Basic ticket 90 minutes child
    papirna red

  • I

    Really an good map ! Congratulation for this job !

    For more realism, it's possible for you to create destinations displays in serbian (via .bmp files) ?


    Thank you!
    In real In belgrade displays are on latin letters..Novi sad is using the cyrilic ones