[OMSI 2] From India to China via Nathula Pass

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  • Tested and results so far:

    • Signpost to Gangtok shows wrong route altogether. It is 61 km from Rongli via Mulukey, Rorathang, Pakyong.
    • Where it is supposed to be Sudunglakha has been obstructed by trees completely.
    • Missing clearance sign before Rongli tunnel. It is 3.70m tall.
    • Unmarked steep hill between Dholepchen and Rorathang. There should be warning sign.
    • Tee-ified intersections. Intersections should be laid out at correct angles instead of forcing them into right-angled intersections.

    I test each revision by naftalinov following the procedure below:

    I have modified various urban and suburban buses to have as little acceleration as possible and gear it accordingly. For example, an articulated city bus modified to use 200hp engine and a 4-speed VOITH DIWA with final drive 7.38:1. Also the reverse, another bus with as much acceleration as possible. Then, go up and down all newly added portions, then feed back to naftalinov.

  • Hey, I love that you keep working on that project, I can only support something huge like this.

    But for the next version, could you please inclued a manual or a readme or something where we can find the objects we need. I have serveral missing objects and I have no clue how I can find them (they're not in the wrong folder either):

    The video you linked for the UK bus stop sign is not available any more.

  • Hi, I am glad to hear, that you like the map. :) It is still not canceled W.I.P., although I am going slow. About the objects - I always include in the archive of the map all objects, which are not from the original Berlin Spandau map. In your case (considering the objects you have shown within the spoiler), you should find all the six objects from Sceneryobjects\Buildings\ folder on your PC, because I have found them in the Berlin Spandau map. Sceneryobjects\Buildings_MC\tank_3_esso.sco is from that original map as well. I really wonder why OMSI2 is missing them... But OK, no probs, I will include them in the archive of the next version.

    The last three truly are from different maps, I see them within the archive of the last version you have downloaded from the last link couple of posts back, but I see, that I have not created the folders Treedman, BusdriversObjekte and UK Bus Stop within that archive. I guess you have extracted them within the main Sceneryobjects folder and they should be there. Once again, I will create those folders now in the "archives" folder (from which I prepare the new version to upload), so that the next archive comes with the correct folder hierarchy. You can do the same within your Sceneryobjects folder - create Treedman folder and put SBS_1_Blue.sco in there, for example.

    After I upload the next version, I would be thankful If you could post once again a spoiler with your missing objects, because I have used some other objects from Berlin Spandau map in the current version on my PC.

    edit: It would be nice if you or somebody else could give me piece of advice about this problem I am facing.

  • Hi, I updated the first post of this topic with added links to the 2 maps, from which I have used objects and/or splines.

    Other than that, I decided it is time to backup the progress of my map as the newest version Gorubathan-Natula v2.6.

    I think it might be not a bad idea at this time to rename the map "[OMSI 2][WIP]From India to China International map". :)

  • A little update from me. I just reached the town of Galaxiang, China and did the next backup of my map to MediaFire. It is a shame and so unfortunate, that I am not able to use tile aerial images as textures. :( It would make the map look much more realistic. I do not know why it repeats each aerial image four times on every tile, thus making it look like a big mess.

    I plan to finally put my work within the Editor on hold and spend some time actually driving. :D It is going to be my first ever drive further than the village of Lava, India.