[OMSI 2] From India to China via Nathula Pass

  • Tested and results so far:

    • Signpost to Gangtok shows wrong route altogether. It is 61 km from Rongli via Mulukey, Rorathang, Pakyong.
    • Where it is supposed to be Sudunglakha has been obstructed by trees completely.
    • Missing clearance sign before Rongli tunnel. It is 3.70m tall.
    • Unmarked steep hill between Dholepchen and Rorathang. There should be warning sign.
    • Tee-ified intersections. Intersections should be laid out at correct angles instead of forcing them into right-angled intersections.

    I test each revision by naftalinov following the procedure below:

    I have modified various urban and suburban buses to have as little acceleration as possible and gear it accordingly. For example, an articulated city bus modified to use 200hp engine and a 4-speed VOITH DIWA with final drive 7.38:1. Also the reverse, another bus with as much acceleration as possible. Then, go up and down all newly added portions, then feed back to naftalinov.

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