"OmniNavigation" (Navigation system for OMSI 2)

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  • With OmniNavigation you finally get an OMSI 2 navigation system, which fits perfectly in the OMSI overlay

    It shows a transparent map with the drawn in route, where you have to drive. There you can choose if you want to see al bus stops of the map or just the ones, where you have to stop. The route arrows of OMSI 2 will be completely unnecessary, you can even see where you have to stop on big bus stations. To make it even easier, the map rotates so that you will never loose the orientation.
    Additionally you can see other players on the minimap, who are also driving on the map at the moment.


    • Simple OMSI 2 maps with all bus stops
    • Navigation system with drawn in bus stops of the line
    • Map rotates automatically
    • Can be scaled and positioned as desired
    • Transparent background, which fits perfectly in the OMSI overlay
    • Other players can be seen on the minimap
    • Compatible with all payware maps and with over 30 freeware maps (new maps will be added regularly)
    • Own maps can easily be added
    • Compatible with several monitors, so that you can use the map on a second monitor


    Where can I buy OmniNavigation?

    How much is it and how can I pay?

    How and when do I get OmniNavigation?

    Which maps are compatible with OmniNavigation?

    The latest version of Java 64-Bit must be installed!

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    Advanced Omnibus Driver - Wirtschaftssystem, Schichtpläne, Karriere, Add-on Manager und Android-App für OMSI 2
    OmniNavigation - Navigationssystem für OMSI 2 als Alternative zu den Hilfspfeilen