Poznań (Posen) by Pitoras 3.0a

  • Poznan to Pitoras 3.0a

    Hello! :)
    I am pleased to present you the third longer version of my map of Poznan and thus the first part of a bigger project Poznan
    Map shows the status of year 2015/2016. There are lines 73, 320 (formerly 70), 321 and 398. succumbed (possibly temporary) liquidation night line 237 due to lack of land. Added was a real depot P.W. Transkom, improved optimization, improved environment on the line 73 and more

    It is forbidden to:
    It is forbidden to use on other maps objects in the folder:
    Poznan_70 \ Przemo11 \ Poznan
    It is forbidden to modify and to publish the file hof, painting and bitmap!
    Using file hof / bitmaps on other maps is prohibited!

    I allow you to modify maps and share your modifications.

    Thanks to:
    @ Grubyw111, @goppel - for detailed comments and tests
    sliwma - the hof, bitmap painting and previews
    @ Przemo11 - for facilities dedicated
    @ Poznaniak221 - for facilities dedicated
    @Lubel - A real timetable
    @Allison - For the execution of paint for car # 3008 (NL223 - Stadtbusfamilie)

    the other - for the other tests and comments





    Anzeigen working only bus with krueger and krueger+.

  • Can you help me ?

  • 96 16:41:10 - - Error: The file "Sceneryobjects\Poznan_70\t?a Bogucin\Bogucin1\Bogucin1.sco" could not be loaded!
    97 16:41:10 - - Warning: Invalid Object: Sceneryobjects\Poznan_70\t?a Bogucin\Bogucin1\Bogucin1.sco"

  • Hi!

    Unfortunately, some folders are Polish (or not) the characters and OMSI here sometimes stupid.
    I recommend renaming folders on those that are shown in the logfile, the problem should disappear. All files have been added to the package!

  • Very nice and detailed map. Thank you very much for your work.

    One question. What kind of hof file do I need for MB530 Facelift with Morphis mod? Thanks