Using 4/6/8 threads CPU

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  • Hello, sorry my bad English.

    I use OMSI 2 v2.3.004, and see that the game only uses 2 threads on my CPU (FX-8XXX@4200 MHz).

    Question: is There a patch for current more than a 2 thread CPU?

    (Original Russian text: Я использую OMSI 2 v2.3.004, и вижу, что игра использует только 2 потока моего CPU (FX 8XXX@4200 Мгц).

    Вопрос: Есть ли патч, за действующий больше чем 2 потока CPU? )

  • as far as im Informed, OMSI 2 will be only able to Perform on 2 threads, as it was written in 32-Bit Language. So therefore im most likely sure that OMSI 2 couldn't perform on more than 2 threads.

  • This information is wrong, there is no fixed limit of threads for 32 bit software. The question is if it is possible and makes sense (produces significant benefit) to parallelise an algorithm, and how.
    I noticed how the performance of OMSI 2 decreased while stability was improved with the first couple of patches (first year after release). My speculation is that it used more multi-threading initially, hence the much better performance, but thread safety was not assured and therefore it crashed regularly. But this was never confirmed officially.

  • No, that's not possible. There's only the "4GB-Patch" witch makes OMSI able to use all the RAM your system has.

  • I'm not sure if it works with OMSI 2, but you can try it:
    Open Steam and go to Games->OMSI 2-> properties -> Set launch options and type in "-cpuCount=x"
    X is the amount of your Threds.
    But as I already said, I'm not sure if it works and if it effects something.