MAN Lion's City A20 Ü

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  • Youre The Best !!!! V3D I just love your busses !!!


    lets test it


    Da Du diese Signatur mit Kekskrümeln voll gekrümelt hast wir hier geputzt und es nächste mal bitte krümelst Du diese Signatur nicht mehr voll

  • Another beautiful Lion´s City. Thanks a lot!

    But one question: Will you update the A21 with the Dashboard from the A20? That would be amazing.


    All in good time, lets ride on the wave of the A20 for a bit first. Glad you like it though.

    BTW I have added a donation link on the first page, and as my buses will always be free it wouldnt hurt to show your appreciation. Even if its as little as 1€

  • Nich wirklich. Bei mir ist es so, das ich nicht das mitgelieferte Template nehme was dafür bestimmt ist, sondern das aus dem Texturordner.

    Ich kann das, ich bin Brofi.

  • Thanks for this great bus. Great work. I have only a small question, why the bus has only 42 seats. Is that why? Because it is a Ü bus and is therefore not standing? (google Translate)


    Momentane Projekte: Fiktiv Stettin V.3 by TheFloxiCz

  • Well done once again! I'm a fan of your creations since your first release of the A21. Combined with Morphis work just a phenomenal experience of a MAN bus. I don't know but have you ever thought of releasing a articulated version of those? This would be the icing on the cake!

    Give a man a gun and he can rob a bank, but give a man a bank, and he can rob the world.

  • I don't Know where, but He has written that He is going to make the A47, A23 and A26. I think that it was in the first Post, but V3D has deleted this Part.

  • Ja das ist dann ein Texturfehler. Liegt daran, dass die Lich-an Textur größer ist. Aber das ist nur ne Kleinigkeit.

    Ich kann das, ich bin Brofi.

  • Thank you for the great Bus. For me is everything amazing and perfect and I dont find any errors or bugs. Another really good Bus for OMSI 2.
    I hope you will make the other Busses so great too. Good luck and have a nice day!


    Signatur? Pff..wer brauch das denn.

  • DE: Sehr schöner Bus, lade ihn mir gerade runter. Ich hab das Preview von iajer gesehen und wusste, dass es einer der schönsten Busse in OMSI 2 wird!


    Aber eine Frage: Wird bald der Monitor rechts mehrere Werbung anzeigen können? Also das die halt durchlaufen können?

    EN: Nice Bus, I downloading it in this Moment. I saw the Preview by iajer and I know, that is one of the best busses in OMSI 2.


    But one Question: Will soon the monitor on the right side add more Advertising? I mean that be there more than 2 Advertising.

    Julian LP