Best maps for Van Hool AGG300 Doppelgelenk

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  • Hello,

    Just for some months I have this wonderfull bus, and I was curious on which maps this bus is suitable? I tried it on Lemmental (Line 100 PR) and that works perfect. Also SB11 on Ahlheim to University works good.

    I was wondering if you have some maps (or lines) where this bus would fit perfectly?

    Thank you!

  • Some try to drive it on the line X10 on the X10-map from Berlin. But there are some tight circles.
    Another good one could be the line C42, there are mostly straight streets, not many turns and the map Krummenaab Updated has so much details!

  • Dear Tom523,

    i drive the Line 4 on Neustedt V3. This line connect all others lines, also the central station with the hospital and a shopping mall. There are two or three tight corners but it is possible to get round them without any crashes. The type of this line makes me great for the usage of the AGG300.

    If you can spent some money the payware addon Rheinhausen has great street layouts. Only the lines are not made for a AGG300. But if you can work with the editor you can build very easy perfect fitting lines. I did it for my copy of Rheinhausen. It is such a pleasure!

    A lot of passengers waiting for the busses are on the map Waldhofen. There are two circle lines. The AGG300 would also fit here. But there are a few tricky places.

    On the map Ahlheim-Laurenzbach are a lot of fitting lines! The SB lines are great for this bus. Specially the SB bus to the Airbus Center.

    I think these are all maps i use to drive the AGG300. If i forgot one map i will edit my posting.


  • es ist machbar..du brauchst nur das fahrerrische Können..jeden cm musst du nutzen

  • 66?



    Wie zum Henker willst du mit dem Monster durch die Wendfahrt an der Kreuzinger Brücke kommen? Oder am Lenauplatz? Oder in Hochtann am Rathaus?



    Schaffst du das echt nicht?
    Ich finde die Linie perfekt dafür. Sogar viel besser als die 27.
    Man kommt mit dem AGG300 dort überall (!) lang und die Linie fährt eh schon alle 10 min.

    PS: Kreuzinger Brücke: Vorher bisschen nach rechts und dann weit genug nach vorne. Beim ersten mal hab ich es auch verkakt, ab dem zweiten Mal ging das perfekt.
    Lenauplatz: Naja einfach fahren?
    Hochtann: Fährst du noch V1? In der V2 haben wir dort die Insel (Richtung Donnerhain) extra ein wenig weiter weggebaut.