New Berlin spandau 2017 v2.2 for OMSI 2 AND 1

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  • Thanks!

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  • It's complaining about SimpleStreets. Try to reinstall it along with the map and all the splines, sceneryobjects the map requires.

  • I have problem with getting the map working. What to do?

    Greetings from Finland!

  • Vielleicht kann mir hier ja einer helfen und mir genau sagen wie mann die Map instaliert bekomme nur Zugriffsverletzung. Maptools sagt es ist alles vorhanden.

    Grüss Speedy

  • hi. the map is super fun to play (found my favourite route). however, there seems to be a few bugs i have noticed after playing for a while.

    1) in service 5 going towards freudstr. along the way towards a cross junction after platze (or something like that name) bus stop. 5 is supposed to turn left but the AI continues to go straight and then at the junction it disappears. going into the editor, i cannot find the service. only 5N is visible.

    2) some bus stops are just impossible to stop. i have went into the editor to check why and the bus stop docking distance has been set to a value which finding it would be like finding a needle in the hay. that is not really hard but tedious as there are quite a few of them with docking distance of 1m or 2m.

    3) trucks going into freudstr bus stop. trucks are not supposed to go in there as it causes traffic jams even though they will disappear after a while but that brings another problem and that is sometimes the bus will not cover the gap after the truck disappear. it took me quite a while to figure out how to stop trucks from entering the area but i have figured it out.