Ikarus 435.06 BKV | Updated: 2017.11.08.

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  • Thanks for sharing beta, Burst. I quite like this. I like the transmission script with ZF "squeak" sound. I'd love to see the internal Fok-Gyem displays working some day. Gonna change driver's cameras and some engine sounds - if anything worthy comes from that I'll share.


    I also hope model's front will be improved. I have compared it with my photo of actual IK435:

    It's way out of proportion. Maybe this will help you.

    Keep up the good work!

  • I think it's high time to share my camera settings and other small adjustments I made to the latest BETA. If authors of this bus would like to apply them to the main package, I will be only too happy!

    Last but not least, thanks again for a very promising model for OMSI2 and all your work done so far!