Sven Daniel's Modecke [09.05.2018: Matrix Mod für den Facelift verfügbar!]

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  • Hi all,

    I have a question about how to open and modify a file ".o3d"

    I'm try to search via google for any solution but unfortunately without any success.

    Many thanks in advance and sorry about a "newbie" question

    Best wishes for health!

  • Kann jemand den Fehler finden?

    Nicht iritiren lassen von MB_o530_Facelift_kaput


  • User23392 many thanks

    I'm confusing because when i was read the instructions of this mod (also i can say at all mods who have modifications) i believe to have open that type of files (.o3d) and modify-change in it.

    I'm trying to read more carefully.

  • No, O3D is an encrypting format, to prevent people from doing that. I don't know this mod here, but i think you have to copy the entire files from one location to another, without opening them.

  • Ich hab alle Dateien die ich verändert habe ersetzt und die mod neu instaliert es ist immer noch der Fehler mit ,,rechts`` da. Ich versthe das nicht

    ToastMan Hast du ne Ahnung wo das noch sein könnte?