Helsinki 1978

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  • It's great that you ask for the impression the 'testers' have! I like this map very much, even if it's short (so to answer the question: Of course I want to see more Helsinki in OMSI). The atmosphere seems to be Finish (to be honest, I have never been there), at least it's clear that you are not in Germany, the atmosphere on this 'TV-channel-mountain' is very realistic as well, I also like the streets which go up straight and that it's difficult to climb them. The modification for the MB O305 to bring it to the Helsinki-standard are very nice and interesting as well. Maybe we will see a Helsinki-map from the nowadays-time one day, of course with modified modern buses(?).


    Meine BVG-Linien:
    :mtram_small: M6, M8 :tram_small: 16
    :bus_small: 154, 191, 192, 195, 197, 291 :xbus_small: X54, X69
    Selbsternannter Experte für Hof-Dateien sowie den ÖPNV in einigen deutschen Gegenden (u.a. Berlin, Hamburg, Norddeutschland).

  • Well I am not in any way associated with the development of this map, however I am deeply involved with other projects and thus wanted to hear some thoughts. Generally from what I've seen there isn't a lot of support for non German projects on the main stream here and I believe this is due to lack of exposure. And as such I thought the Helsinki '78 map would be great way to everyone to get a taste of what could and should be enjoyable virtually.

    As in everything in life - where there is demand there shall be a supply. . .

  • First of all, sorry for not answering earlier. I have been busy, but now i'm on vacation and i'll check these issues at the beginning of next week.

    I know about the following issues:

    -The Helsinki AI cars have been forgotten (Ambulance and Police cars, Some trucks).
    -A texture is missing for the destination roll sign, it should be black, not white
    -The collision box issues

    The two first ones will be fixed and i'll publish a fix soon. The third one is more difficult to fix, because i would need to go trough a lot of objects.
    I'll check what i can do, but it is possible that the only workaround is to drive without collisions. Usually there are so much issues with the AI traffic
    in Omsi that i drive always without collisions and that's why i forgot to test with them. Sorry about that.

    The Helsinki city buses only had the number roll signs originally. There are two hof files with this map. The default one uses the side shields, that
    where really in use in Helsinki, although not any more in 1978. The alternative one (just rename it to Helsinki.hof) uses the roll signs. And for that i have
    built also destination signs, although there were no destination signs in the real buses.

    Some hints:

    -The buses that are meant to be used in this map are the ones that have 23 at the end of their names, like "HKL Scania BR111, 23"
    -When you use a bus like that, click on the little thing above the second side window to display the tour number (according to your tour) and that also displays the tour schedule
    -If you use other buses, the schedule works like normally in Omsi

    -HKL was the Helsinki city traffic company and those buses are the "real" ones for this map, because that company ran the line 23 in reality
    -There were also private bus companies that ran bus lines in Helsinki, there are paints also for them and also some versions with manual transmission,
    because some of the companies had only buses with manual transmission


  • Thank you for your support and the planned workaround! Could you answer one question? At first I have to tell that you explained the process for making the bus ready for duty was explained very well in the readme and it worked at the first try in my case so that the people stepped in the bus. My question is: Could you explain how the schedule I get in the cockpit is to read? Because I don't know such schedules and I think you can explain it very well.
    Thank you!

    Meine BVG-Linien:
    :mtram_small: M6, M8 :tram_small: 16
    :bus_small: 154, 191, 192, 195, 197, 291 :xbus_small: X54, X69
    Selbsternannter Experte für Hof-Dateien sowie den ÖPNV in einigen deutschen Gegenden (u.a. Berlin, Hamburg, Norddeutschland).

  • The patch has been uploaded in the WebDisk and it is available as soon as they accept it. The patch fixes the following issues:

    -adds missing AI vehicles (ambulance, police cars, MAN F90 trucks)
    -adds missing textures for the destination rollband
    -fixes bounding box issues in two buildings

    So also the bounding box issues should have been fixed now and i was able to drive the whole route with collisions on.
    The problem is that without adding the collision_mesh in the sco files your bus collides with the bounding box instead of the mesh (building) itself.

    @BVGSolaris (and others who are interested of course):

    The schedule has been made from a real schedule of that time, the type of schedule that the passengers could take in the bus.
    I have changed it to look like a tour schedule - the real tour schedules would be too hard to read even for me.

    On the left side there are departures from Eläintarha (Eläintarhasta) and on the right side departures from Länsi-Pasila (Ilmala) (Länsi-Pasilasta).
    The finnish words: Arkisin = on work days, Lauantaisin = on Saturdays, Pyhäisin = on Sundays (Holidays), Tunnit = Hours, Minuutit = Minutes.
    Because Swedish is also an official language in Finland, the second rows have the same text in Swedish.

    I think the rest is understandable.


  • Hi Welbus,
    thanks for the update! Now the webdisk has an entry mentioning your patch, but doesn't feature an update file. Do I just download the whole map again?
    Kind regards

    Für mich ist es nur ein kleiner Tritt auf die Bremse, für alle anderen ein großer Schritt nach vorne! (Busfahrerweisheit)

  • He wrote that the activation is still in progress, so probably the patch isn't activated yet.

    Meine BVG-Linien:
    :mtram_small: M6, M8 :tram_small: 16
    :bus_small: 154, 191, 192, 195, 197, 291 :xbus_small: X54, X69
    Selbsternannter Experte für Hof-Dateien sowie den ÖPNV in einigen deutschen Gegenden (u.a. Berlin, Hamburg, Norddeutschland).

  • Thanks for the alternate upload, gonna try the whole Finnish experience tomorrow


    Regards Achim

    Für mich ist es nur ein kleiner Tritt auf die Bremse, für alle anderen ein großer Schritt nach vorne! (Busfahrerweisheit)

  • Quote

    I have changed it to look like a tour schedule - the real tour schedules would be too hard to read even for me.

    Real tour schedules are meant for central dispatch. It would be hard to read to professional driver even.

    Ich kann verstehen, aber sehr wenig Deutsch sprechen. Bitte antworten Sie auf Englisch.

  • Hallo, eine schön gestaltete Karte. Schade finde ich nur das die Linie so kurz ist. War das eigentlich damals auch nur so eine kleine Linie oder war das nur ein Teilstück. Es wäre schön falls du Lust hättest die Karte noch u erweitern. Die Busse sind sehr schön geworden und absolut Problemfrei. Auch ein leichtes skandinavisches Flair bietet die Karte.

    Hello, a beautifully designed card. Too bad I think only the line is so short. Was that actually only a small line at that time or was it only a part. It would be nice if you would like to expand the map still u. The buses are very nice and absolutely problem-free. The map is also a light Scandinavian flair.

  • Welling, hast du denn das O 305 Payware Addon?

    Für mich ist es nur ein kleiner Tritt auf die Bremse, für alle anderen ein großer Schritt nach vorne! (Busfahrerweisheit)

  • Hast du schon folgendes versucht: | Did you already try this:

    Quote from Clive

    3. Unter dem Pfad "Vehicles\HKI_1978_Bussit\Texture" die Datei "KopioiO305Tekstuurit.bat" ausführen, welche dir die Texturen aus dem Ordner des O305 kopiert und einfügt

  • A quick review of the map:
    The route itself is really beautiful. Many custom buildings, a nice atmosphere thanks to the included weather scenarios, and a great driving experience. Sadly, the route is really short, but as it's a Real Map, there's not much you can do about that. However, because it is such a small map, it runs very smooth, even with all the custom buildings, snowy weather and modified busses.

    Getting the map to work was a bit harder than I thought - first, I had to re-install my O305 (which had never really worked), and then it took me quite some time to figure out how to get the textures for the custom busses working. It really should be mentioned in the ReadMe that you need to execute the .bat-file!

    The schedule thing was also pretty hard to understand. Let me try to explain it as easy as possible: In the second window on the right hand side of the bus, there is a sign which indicates the line. By clicking on the frame which holds it in place (interior cam!), you can change the sign. Make sure to select the correct route.

    The busses all look great, and I just noticed that you really need the Karosa bus for the sound effects - otherwise some of the busses sound like they're electric...

    I just installed the hotfix, however I didn't try it yet. One bug I noticed (apart from the one which were fixed in the hotfix) is that the passengers don't seem to talk (normally they do, so it has nothing to do with my maximum sounds setting). Would be great if they were talking Finnish!

    Also, It seams like the timetables are very forgivable. Even under snowy weather conditions I had to wait up to a minute at the bus stops.

    Another thing you might want to add is support for Matrix busses as well as announcements (I'd love to hear these Finnish bus stop names...) - this may not be realistic, but it makes the map compatible with many other busses.

    But all in all, this is a really nice, short Finnish map which is great fun to drive on. The creator obviously put a lot of effort into creating it, and considering that it just came out, I can only recommend it. With a few minor tweaks this has the potential to become one of the highest quality maps in Omsi.
    Tobi aka The Stig's German Cousin


  • Hi,

    Some answers to your questions:

    First of all, it is told in the ReadMe that the bat file must be run when installing the map. Some textures need to be copied from the original O305 to get the bus to work and that bat file does it.

    The line was really that short and it is true that the schedule is not very tight. I thought that for this short line it is not so crucial to make the schedule so tight. It is hard to believe that this
    bus normally was much late.

    Actually there was also a longer line called 23V, which started in the city center area, but
    for this map i had to create everything from the scratch and it wasn't possible to build such a long line. That longer version of the line drove during the rush hours only.
    I have no plans for continuing with this map, but let's see what the future brings...

    The passengers don't talk, because there is no Finnish speech packet available and creating one would need quite a few people to get all the needed voices.
    On the other hand i didn't want to use german or english voices, it would sound a bit stupid that all the finns would be talking german together.


    The schedule works so that there is a small object above the second side window in right. That is the holder of the tour number (it was used like that in the reality at that time).
    When you click on that holder, you can change the tour number between 543 and 544 (real tour numbers by the way) and that changes the schedule accordingly.

    Hmm, right now there are no plans to support matrix buses, but anyone can do that if wished, i have nothing against it.

    Please do install the hotfix, it does contain the things i forgot from the original release (ambulance, police car, trucks, textures for the roll shield).



  • Excelent addon and thanks.
    Only small detail by me: there are two small spots of the panel without textures. The bus is a Volvo O305, the number 738.
    The spots are at the right, the parking brake hand gear is white and also the position of the two button lights of the doors.
    All other is OK.
    Thanks again for this pleasant addon.