Citybus Jelcz m125m & m185m

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  • Toller Bus. Bin auch schon angetan von dem Fahrzeug.

    Allerdings fände ich ein Handbuch ganz praktisch. Muss ja nicht auf Deutsch sein. Und evtl. noch paar Erörterungen zu den versch. Varianten.


    Great bus. I´m totally fascinated by this vehicle.

    But I would appreciate if there would be a manual. Needs not to be in German, English would be okay. And maybe a little bit of explanation about the different versions.

  • Sehr schöne und detaillierte Busse. Es gibt nur eins was mich stört, und zwar das Gelenkverhalten beim Gelenkbus. Ich hoffe das wird noch verbessert. Aber sonst echt klasse.

  • Great work! I really like these articulated buses because they are very similar to articulated buses in Serbia. Four doors that you can open whenever you want and a bus body is similar.

    I was really surprised when I saw that buttons for doors blink because of a stop request. That is amazing.

  • Amazing buses on the videos and pictures, I had to download and test them right away. But unfortunately, the bus (ZF CNG 4 or something like that) causes a lot of errors and freezing screen all the time. Here's the log file from creating the bus until deleting it:

    I know, it never states the bus being the problem BUT, after restarting OMSI and spawning a different bus on the same map and the same place, the error has vanished. No idea what the problem could be, but hopefully you'll be able to fix the problem soon.

    So far the buses look great and sound great, make me pumped about your MB Conecto release in december


    EDIT: Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I've tested it in rainy weather. Just incase it could be relevant.

  • PZ8904


    The setvar-lists you will find in the busfolder under "Script/Wersje". They are all in polish language, but some words are self explanatory. You can try to translate with Google-translate".


    Die setvar-listen sind unter "Script/Wersje" für jedes Modell zu finden. Diese sind allerdings in polnischer Sprache, aber manche Wörter sind selbsterklärend. Man kann auch versuchen, die Begriffe über "Google-translate" herauszufinden. Z.B, kann man das VDV-Dashbord auf Deutsch umstellen oder auch die Sitzanordnung ändern.


    Nachdem bei mir alle Bus-Varianten ohne Fehler funktionieren, gehe ich davon aus, dass es nicht am Bus liegt. Hast du auch den Fonts-Ordner eingefügt? Vielleicht ist auch beim Download etwas schief gegangen. Möglicherweise hilft ein erneuter Download. Aus der Logfile lässt sich kein Fehler herauslesen, der auf den Bus hindeutet.

  • I just tested it yesterday and it's really good modeled! Really nice work (even tough I used mainly the articulated model).
    I even changed the texture on the floor to test it! With my livery, it looks really cool! (Texture comes from the C2 of Rheinhausen)

    Just a question: I noted on the template that there's two "front version", one with older quare lights, and the others with rounds. Is there a way to get the "rounded" version?


    Quote from Routeres

    I quickly put together a Google spreadsheet with all the setvars and some explanation. I wasn't sure about every variable, so feel free to hit me up with a correction if something is wrong.

    Thank you! I had to look at the previous video with the setvars to personnalize the vehicle, because there was no clear explanation excepted pictures... And also, I have no knownledge with these foreign languages (except English and German).

  • Ich finde die Busse auch klasse, Respekt dafür!


    Jedoch würde ich mir, wie andere auch schon, wünschen, dass die Unterschiede zwischen den einzelnen Versionen irgendwo erklärt werden!
    Außerdem find ich die Türsteuerung an sich nicht schlecht, jedoch wäre es für mich einfacher, würden sich die Türen auch wieder automatisch schließen, zumindest die hinteren.

    It would be really nice, if someone could clearly state the differences between the variations of the several buses.
    Also for me personally it would be much easier, if the doors closed automatically, at least the rear ones.

    Ansonsten einfach top!

  • KaJotT3D

    Hey guys,

    your new bus is amazing in graphics and technology.


    But after a few testrounds, i've found some missing sounds

    1. Upshift_1-1p.wav
    2. stop.wav
    3. NG272_retarder_off@0.wav
    4. Retarder_187.wav
    5. Retarder_257.wav
    6. Retarder_Start_606.wav
    7. Retarder_Start_190.wav
    8. Retarder_Start_260.wav
    9. Ticket_Geld_output_1.wav
    10. D_0836LUH_ext@2400l.wav

    maybe there are a few more...

    best regards


  • gäbe es die möglichkeit das jemand einen Soundmod erstellt?Und kann man das bremserhalten/beschleunigungsverhalten verbessern/ändern?