Krueger++ Mods by PZ8904 [HB76 Lion's City/ALL Citaro C2/RUHR Solaris/HC Volvo 7900/Lion's Coach]

  • Hello I have a problem with the MAN A37 Krüger
    Here a part of my logfile
    321 18:40:15 - - Error: In "vehicles\HB76_MAN_LionsCity\MAN_NL263_KruegerMatrix.bus" there was an error in line 272!
    322 18:40:15 - - Warning: Invalid Object: vehicles\HB76_MAN_LionsCity\MAN_NL263_KruegerMatrix.bus"
    323 18:40:15 - - Error: You want to create vehicle vehicles\HB76_MAN_LionsCity\MAN_NL263_KruegerMatrix.bus - it is invalid!

    What can I do
    I have the bremen nord addon v1.040 from 26.01.2018

  • Would it be able to add this Matrix on the new C2 HH busses?

    Ja wo kammad ma denn do hi!?

  • Hello PZ8904,
    the Matrix for the Solaris Urbino IV doesn't work:-(
    Maybe there is a context with the patch from Chrizzly.
    I hope, you will fix it soon^^

    Kritzel Kritzel Kritzel

  • Hello,
    I have this mistake with the Mercedes C2 G (Morphi) from the Drei Generation Addon. I hope that someone could help me :huh:

    Edit Logfile:

  • PZ8904 Es sind Fehler in den Busdateien des Bremer MAN. MAN_NL263_KruegerMatrix.bus und MAN_NL263_KruegerMatrix_Polychrome.bus. Im friendlyname heissen sie beide Lions City w/ Krueger Matrix Monochrome..ausserdem sind die Passagiersichten "zerhackt". Deswegen Fehlermeldung "ausserhalb des Bereichs". Bitte mal drüberschauen

  • Hello PZ8904,
    the Matrix for the RUHR Solaris doesn't work anymore, because Chrizzly changed the variablenames.
    I hope you can fix it;D

    Kritzel Kritzel Kritzel