Krueger++ matrix number background color

  • Hi guys,

    I'm trying to figure something out but it isn't working so far.
    I'd like to put a backgroundcolor on my line number, so that the background turns green and the number becomes white.
    However, when I put something like this in the hof file it doesn't work.. It doesn't show a number background color at all..


    This is supposed to turn the Linenumber to 300, set the color to white (which it does), but the background color never turns green.
    This also happens with every other color, it just won't work.
    Even when I remove the color of the number, so only keep the nbgc, it doesn't work.
    Anyone knows where the problem may be?

    I'm using the Mercedes Benz Facelift O530 G by Morphi.
    I changed the files so that I got a colored matrix.

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  • Well, it does support all of the colours on the text.
    Just as well as the colour number, it does change color (when you use the matrix from the O530 Helvete), but it just doesn't do a background color for the number..

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