Line number stored?

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    I have set a M37 line but the problem is I dont know where the Ibis stored the line number information.
    The line number is 03728 and the routes actually only two: route 3(Waldkrankehaus to Hahneberg)and route 4(Hahneberg to Waldkrankehaus).
    Buses to be used are D92, EN92 or GN92.


  • the ibis takes the informations from the .hof files. When u look in the Spandau.hof u can see all lines and routes.

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  • Yes the route number is there but not the line number.
    For example, the 92E(Freudstr to Reimerweg)the number of the line is 09210 and the route is the 25.
    The 25 is there for the route but where is the 09210 of the line stored?

  • The line number at the routes in the hof-files are only a number of max three numerals plus the route of this line.

    The first line under the keywords [infosystem_trip] will give you 1. the line number and 2. the route you must enter in the IBIS.

    For example:

    First you will see, there is no input to the special IBIS code for E after the line number. This will only be displayed by enter the Linenumber plus special code in the IBIS like 13010.
    Now you will say: "But the night lines have the N." - Yes, it is, but it is because the global strings at the beginning of the hof-file says it.

    The fourth line is for the numeral 9XX, so in the case of N30, you will set 930 and for the case of 5N, you will set 905 as line (different hof-files have different indicies for the N, one time in front of the line number, one time at end of the line number.

    With the global strings for the year 1994 you can use the hof-file to realise the letter M in M37: the letter M is indicated in the IBIS special code for 500 (only in the hof-file for the year 1994). Or if you use an own or a hof-file from the years before, you can add the last lines in the spoiler.

    You can use 53703 and 53704 for the line M37 and the routes 3 and 4.
    The IBIS special code 28 is not necessary, but you can also enter it in the IBIS -> 53728.

    I hope it will help you ;)

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