Merging and Saving Repaint for O405G

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  • Hello,

    I'm writing because I'm having an issue getting my repaint to appear.

    I have read lots of different posts from users on this forum, and I follow the steps though my bus only appears lightly in the dark, and completely silver in the daylight.

    I am using the template for the O405G from "Templates_O405_by_Pictor".

    Firstly I merge "Merge with 25 opacity" with ""sterne" and "paint here", then set the opacity to 10. (25 doesn't work either, so I read that I should lower this.)

    I then merge "Merge with 5 opacity" with "stuff" and set the opacity to the recommended 5.

    I then save that as a PNG and complete the CTI as normal, but no luck. Any suggestions would be greatful.


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  • Hi,

    Saving and merging the entire thing first and then set the visibilty-value from 255 to 25 which creates a nearly invisible image works Fine for me.


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  • This is what you should do. You didn't follow the the steps of my instruction above, you can find them the first post above the download link.
    The name of the layers are the ones from Pedros template and have nothing to do with my template. So you don't have to merge anything.

    If you had followed the instructions, no problems would occur.

    Next time please read the instructions first.


    I am using the template for the O405G from "Templates_O405_by_Pictor".

    Sven you are not using my templates, my templates don't need steps of merging and so on. For the original templates Pedro created your steps work.


    creates a nearly invisible image

    If you work with my template the image looks invisible, but it works fine.


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