CorumXL2:2004 Map

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  • Type of project: AI Bus, Map (semi-real)

    Name of project: CorumXL2:2004

    Involved persons: 1942ertan

    Estimated construction time: Plan to Release 23 April 2018

    This map is the continuation of the previously published CorumXL2 1999 map.
    the link is available below, the old plugin will not be needed to run the map
    CorumXL2: 1999
    All the buildings and junctions in the map are specially designed
    This map contains new AI Bus, new intersections and buildings and new bus lines.
    2004 version includes Full track of 36 Buhara-Konak And 21 M.Sinan-Fuar.
    There are over 15 additional AI lines.
    Municipal buses,
    Mercedes Benz O302 (1984 and 1988 version), MAN SG220 gelenkbus (1988 )
    Mercedes Benz O302T (1992), Mercedes Benz O345 solo and gelenkbus versions of (1998, 2002 and 2004)
    Privite comp. buses
    Mercedes Benz O302 (1984 and 1988 version), Mercedes O302T (1992), BMC Beld 214-17 (1992), MAN SL232 (1998 ), BMC Belde 220-17 (1998 ), BMC Belde 220CB (1998 ) and Mercedes Benz O345 (2000 and 2002 versions).


    Main video

    CorumXL2: 2004 release video

    Other videos and pictures

    21 M.Sinan-Fuar line, Konak-Fuar track video: Mercedes-Benz O302T

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