Metropole Ruhr - Solaris IV Force Feedback

  • Hello.

    I am not sure if this is the correct place for this question. Hopefully someone can direct me to there, or can pass this message along to the developers.

    Driving the Solaris, there was originally no force feedback from going over bumps in the road. After copying over a forcefeedback.osc file and a forcefeedback_constfile.txt file, the steering wheel started shaking as soon as the bus loaded onto the map.

    Will this be addressed in a future update?

    Thank you.

  • Then please try and test it with several other busses. For the best result you could try some Payware and some Freeware models. If the majority of them´shows the same problem it's caused by the map. Then you're wrong here. Then you need to ask for help in the official Gladbeck-forum. If only the Solaris is showing the problem you might address the author of the bus (I think it's Chrizzly's 3D Objektschmiede, you can find him on facebook and send him a PM).

    Good luck!

    Engel leben ewig - Rebellen sterben jung :evil: